256 | CRO – Aligning the Needs of Your Visitors to Your Website with Tim Ash

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Tim Ash

Most people focus on getting more traffic. And they want new sources of traffic. However, traffic is only part of the solution for growth in your business. One of the most important aspects of business growth is understanding “conversion.” Our guest is an expert in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Join Tim Ash from SiteTuners on what it takes to create an effective CRO project for a website. It is more than button colors and headlines.

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Target Audience: SiteTuners serves clients all over the world. SiteTuners partners with them to improve the digital side of their business. SiteTuners considers themselves a business accelerator. Their mission is to create conversion rate optimization – making businesses more efficient.

Saying No A Lot & Defining What You Do

SiteTuners is focused on getting people to your website and getting visitors to take action. People are more often than not too broad about what they offer. This is a fear-based approach and it doesn’t get results. If you improve your online experience, it has a ripple effect on your traffic acquisition channels. Think of it as a force multiplier!

Know Who You Are Speaking To

You are a business owner who wants to effectively market. Thus, there must be effective context around the marketing message. Consider “The Holy Trinity” as explained by Tim Ash:

  • What’s the page about?
  • What’s the action block about?
  • What happens when I push “the” button?

Those 3 elements all need to tie together.

Don’t forget that the biggest LEVER is your business model. This includes your follow up plan, your operation, etc. It is about thinking of it holistically and tying the knots. All pieces must be considered. This may include playing with the context of your offer or other elements.

What are the Key Elements of a Web page or Landing Page?

This is about truly understanding your visitors on a deep level. Align the needs of your visitors with the goals of your business. Take the person coming in with all their misunderstandings and guide them into what you can do to help. It’s not merely about broadcasting. Don’t just assume people understand your service or product. Structure the experience for them!

What are the roles of the people visiting your site? What is their relationship to the site? What tasks are they trying to accomplish? Be helpful to those not ready to buy today. The best thing you can do supports those in the early stages of your funnel. This includes downloads, videos, follow up email sequences, etc. Without these strategic steps in place, it’s not easy to get that final YES. Create the communication to create that smooth buying process.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The importance of defining your service or product(s)
  • How to see your business holistically
  • The key elements of a webpage
  • Establishing effective communication with your site visitors
  • Understanding what your visitors really need

Practical and Actionable:

Click these links to get the guide to optimization and conversion:

Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Conference

Resources and Links

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