261 | The Spark and Grind with Eric Wahl – Renowned Graffiti Artist

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Graffiti Artist

Are you willing to disrupt your own business? Our guest today, Erik Wahl, calls himself a disruptive strategist. He is a graffiti artist and powerful speaker who offers tools on how to be intentionally creative and provocative. The great paradox here is that through discipline and structure we can birth our creative parts of ourselves.

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Target Audience: Erik Wahl serves entrepreneurs who are seeking to be different in their market.

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Embrace disruption, leverage chaos, and leverage opportunity. How can we create a unique customer experience? Erik considers himself a performer who ignites ideas on the stage.


Drawing Upside Down

Forget about how things should look. When you don’t have preconceived ideas of how it can play out, you put yourself in a free explorative state. Approach it with a curious mind than from that of expectation. And you can apply this pretty much in any area.

Whether it comes to social media, communicating with millennials, communicating with your target audience, etc. Become aware of the fact that our expectations hold us back. You can be creative if you flip your perspective.


Intentional Orchestration and Disruption

Our brand is “AHA.” It is all about creating AHA moments. This surprises your audience and disrupts your competitors. Eric wants to show people this process is about a hook- not a theory. The notion of creativity is about thinking the way no one has thought before.


The Spark and the Grind

Ernest Hemingway said, “Write drunk; edit sober.” This approach helped Erik get his message out in this book. He believes in brainstorming big and editing without mercy in order to build actual substance around them. Check out The Spark and the Grind HERE.

Writing a book helps you to outline how to be everything you are. It is about ideas and execution. Everyone is creative. However, it takes great discipline to express it. It takes reverse engineering to access your creativity. Any lack of creativity is actually a lack of curiosity. The overwhelment is a sign of mental laziness. And our checklists have overtaken who we really are.

The paradox of creativity is that discipline activates creativity. Structure creates freedom. When we are “playing with our head down” completing task after task- we must recreate our patterns. In contrast, we must do things with our heads up so we are able to witness opportunity more often.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • How discipline helps us to be more creative
  • Why structure creates freedom
  • How to prime yourself to line up with success
  • How to reclaim your creative nature


Practical and Actionable:

Take a moment to prime yourself before you propose anything (important). How you visualize and create that scenario in your mind, dictates the success of it. Don’t be lazy about the priming process.


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