263 | How to Handle Objections in the Sales Process with Petra Foster

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Petra Foster

Today we chat with Petra Foster about PRICING. So many of us entrepreneurs have struggled or are currently struggling with our pricing packages. On this episode, we talk about how to get out of that rut. We begin with building trust and understanding our potential clients’ inner dialogue. Discover how you can tackle the objections and climb up the sales ladder.

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Target Audience: Petra’s services help entrepreneurs on their pricing. She shows them how to set themselves apart from other cultures and consultants in their niche. Petra aims to get them to sell their services in 6 weeks or less.


Balancing Life of Freedom & Business

We need to serve but we also need to have a life. We don’t have to do everything ourselves. And we certainly should not be a slave to our business. We are to live a life of freedom. So, this means outsourcing those things we don’t want to do or lack expertise in.


How to Perceive Selling

Petra says selling is an exchange of emotion – not money! It is your moral duty to sell your services. This is the perspective from which we can choose to see it all.


When you are having that initial phone conversation, Petra says to pay attention to whether they are willing to tell the truth about what they have tried and failed at. This is how you can focus on the emotion of that sales conversation. Failure evokes emotion and gets to the root of where we are at in our process.


There are internal questions potential clients are asking of you. Petra shares 4 of them:

  1. Do I like you?
  2. Can I trust you?
  3. Who else has actually used your service and gotten results?
  4. Are you sensitive to my needs?


You’re there to connect and understand their predicament. You are there to solve a problem. What got them there in the first place? This is what you ask yourself and them.  


A lot of people go into the sales conversation assuming they will get a “No.”Sales is an exchange of emotion. You can prevent the objection from happening.


According to Petra, the sales conversation starts when someone sees you on social media (primarily Facebook). Make sure you have the social proof. Are you sharing your content/expertise with people? Do you have blogs? Are you emailing your list consistently? Are clients talking about you and sharing your content? Have you collected Video (or other types) testimonials that reflect your work? Are you showing up consistently for your clients?


Doing live videos can be powerful. Petra says it allows you to interact with your audience in a real way. Social media allows for a reciprocal dialogue. You are educating your audience on their problem. Use videos to represent yourself as the ONLY solution for them.


People want to feel like they know you and video gives them that. Sharing yourself, your opinions and perspective creates TRUST.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to create Trust with your audience
  • Why Videos are powerful to catalyze sales
  • How to balance life and business
  • How to prevent objections in sales conversations
  • What’s going on in the minds of your potential clients


Practical and Actionable:


Have a YOU vs. ME kind of opinion. Distinguish your voice and style. Involve premium clients first. This comes before doing all the other things like spending your money on a fancy website, Facebook ads, etc.


People often feel they need to set up everything first (website, etc) – but according to Petra, it is better to get your premium clients first and take care of those other things after. Stand out by talking about the things in your niche in your own way to distinguish yourself.


Resources and Links

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