264 | How to Talk About What You Do with Holly Chantal

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Holly Chantal

The most common question in the start of a conversation in business is “What do you do?” or some variation on that. I’m not saying it should be the first question, but eventually, that is where the conversation goes. Do you have a great response that makes the listener want to know more? Even if you have this down…you can learn from our guest today.  Holly Chantal with The Land of Brand is going to unpack how do you respond to the “what do you do” question. Discover a deeper awareness that will improve your conversations.

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Target Audience: Holly is the Founder and President of The Land of Brand.She works with coaches, lightworkers, and sometimes other service providers that have a really difficult time describing their services because they are intangible. Holly helps them convey their message in a way that makes them desirable to their target audience.


The Number 1 Struggle

As your brand evolves, so does the way you describe your services. Couple that with the vast amount of competition out there and there’s pressure. You’ve got to be doing something really different. Holly often sees entrepreneurs trying to “fix” things in their business, like REDOING their website, their brand, etc. However, they go ahead making those changes without any DATA to measure whether it’s really working or not.


Solving the Core Problem with Brand Confusion

So what is a Brand? Your brand is what fundamentally makes you the right choice for the right people. The reason why creating a brand is confusing is because you are too close to it. When we brand ourselves sometimes what we are trying to convey is coming across differently than we think it is.


Branding can be an intangible idea. You can’t do your own brand because you’re too inside of it. You need that outside feedback. Your Brand should present itself in a way that people understand what you do right away.

The Trailblazer Trifecta – Holly’s neat way to describe what you do. There are 3 parts:

  1. The Philosophy of Your Brand – The problem you are on a mission to change. Why are you in business? 
  2. Your Methodology – how you are solving that problem and why you do it that way
  3. The Promise- What happens when you do things your way?

With this Trailblazing Trifecta, Holly helps her clients create entire marketing plans that match her client’s personality and strengths. This is how to attract clients you want to serve while coming from an authentic place.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The struggles that come with branding
  • Why Branding is not a solo job
  • How you can describe what you do in 3 sentences
  • Why you need DATA before making any changes to your biz
  • Identifying what makes you stand out from the rest


Practical and Actionable:

Want to be able to describe your brand in three sentences? Go to Holly’s website HERE and sign up for the Trailblazing Trifecta Worksheet.

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