265 | How to Build Deep Relationships with Dan Miller

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Dan Miller

The foundation of business is still and will always be about relationships. How do you build deeper relationships that will last a lifetime? I am interviewing Dan Miller with 48days.net about deep relationships. Dan is a master of this and is quite passionate about the need for us to focus on the small aspects that lead to a real relationship.  I am honored to bring you this chat with Dan Miller.

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Target Audience: Dan’s brand – 48 Days to the Work You Love helps people transform their lives in 48 days (in the career sense). His book, overall message and brand allows one to create a plan and act on it. It also allows people look at options they may have overlooked previously.

Without Relationships – There is No Business!

Dan encourages to close our computers and go out and talk to people. It’s about that face to face interaction – not doing all those “things” online hoping people will track you down.


Dan talks about his “Pyramid” which he describes only gets deeper as it goes up. For instance, Dan has written books and that allows a certain level of depth. Then he offers courses, live events, and masterminds and those things offer a higher level of depth. Every business owner could strive to create this type of pyramid in their own business which allows for closer bonds with their audiences.


Even If You’re An Introvert…

Dan admits that he is very introverted by nature. He loves to write and loves his solitude. But he is very intentional about developing relationships. Relationships are at the very core of what he believes to be valuable.


Dan is into taking actions that empower those relationships. For instance, he has a habit of sending handwritten notes. He’s not always so enthused by the process, but he does it anyway because he knows the impact it holds. People remember those things- especially when it is also physically tangible, like a note. They hold tremendous value.


Building relationships takes time and specific intentional action. This goes for those whom you’ve met face to face and with those whom you haven’t met face to face yet (for example, online relationships).  Dan encourages us to remember that giving to others in this way should not be done with the expectation of getting a return. This is also KEY.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Dan’s 48 day plan to get you into intentional action
  • Why relationships are at the heart of any business
  • How to get up close and personal with your audience
  • Giving without expectation
  • How to impact your audience on an emotional level



Practical and Actionable:

Dan advises us to Handwrite cards and send them out. He has seen it creates a huge impact. It is even more impactful than other things like sending fruit baskets, etc. 


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