271 | How to Give a Speech that Connects with Tricia Brouk

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Tricia Brouk

When you get a chance to speak on a stage or to a group of people, you are likely focus on the “content” that you intend to delivery. However, it is more important to connect to the hearts and souls of the audience. Today’s guest is Tricia Brouk who will help you understand the deeper elements of “connecting” with the audience.

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Target Audience: Tricia applies expertise to serve public speakers. She specifically serves those who are looking to take it to the next level and are wanting to tell their story from a fresh point of view.

Maximizing Connection on Stage

Tricia advises her clients to get out on the stage and ground first and foremost. Then, allow the audience to give their gift to you. As a speaker, you receive from the audience before share your gift. The connection then happens right away.

Creating connection is about allowing yourself to become vulnerable. In this way, you will let your idea transfer to the people you are trying to share it with. Take off your coat of fear and uncertainty. Be human. The connection will happen immediately.

Being human means we accept our flaws, skills, wins, and failures. We allow ourselves to be where we are in the moment and not judge that. If you can get out of your own way and allow your idea to inspire the audience in a human way – the vulnerable way, people will hear you.

If a speaker starts talking AT you right away, you become frightened, intimidated. Take that conscious mindful pause – make eye contact. Give something to people to go home with. People want to feel shared commonalities.

The Right Amount of Information

Anything very technical can be shared in a layered way, piece by piece. Give a little bit at a time. So that they feel as smart as you, not intimidated.


You’ve got to get really good at “killing your darlings.” Of course, put it all on the paper at first. Brain dump! With no filter- but then get relentless at getting to the point.  

Create a physical and conversational organic experience that the audience can connect to, feel safe with and lean into.  

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Consciously connecting with your audience
  • Receiving from your audience
  • How to be yourself on stage
  • Putting together the right amount of info
  • Getting vulnerable enough to connect

Practical and Actionable:

When you step onto the stage, be honest and be yourself. Come from the standpoint of not asking for anything – but rather- passionately and expertly give to your audience. Be YOU. NOT the version of you think people want you to be.   

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