273 | How to Be More of You with Taki Moore

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Taki Moore

The process of growth and achieving more in business is often a study of others. We begin to look at their way of growing and even mimicking their way of showing up. However, it is common to lose touch in who you are.  The best path to a new destination is to be more of you. Taki Moore, master coach and coach to coaches, shares insights on why being YOU is so important. And Taki is certainly someone that is at home being Taki.

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Target Audience: Taki serves coaches and consultants. Specifically he serves those who want to grow and scale their businesses. By guiding them into doing something more scalable they are then able to help more people, have more fun and make more money.

Be The Choice

Decide who you can do your best work with. This is less about marketing and more about a message. Below, Taki shares what he helps clients do to decide who they serve in TWO minutes. Get a sheet of paper and TRY it for yourself! Write down your 3 target market groups and use these 3 Q’s:

  1. Do I like them? Would I still be thrilled in 4 years or are am I just doing it for the cash? Am I truly passionate?
  2. Can I help them? Can I get them the outcome they really want? Have I done it myself? Have I helped others get it? Or have I learned more about it than most?
  3. Will they pay?

Further validate and narrow down your niche based on the conversations you have with people. Marketing to that specific WHO simplifies the marketing process.

SO, What Happens Once You’ve Got Your WHO?

How can you build a simple funnel to reach those guys?

Magnet: How do we gain permission to stay in touch: “The 4 forces” – determining their hot buttons – what is really important to them? Taki breaks it down into 4 quadrants: Frustrations & Fears vs. Wants and Aspirations.

Elements of Authority

Do a better job of articulating problems and solutions. In terms of messaging, there are really only 3 things to talk about: problems, promises and processes. The best marketing is just about teaching your process. You want to be the person saying something so profound that people lean in. You don’t have to yell. In fact you lose people when you are noisy about it.

Knowing how to be YOU

There are people who jive with you and others who don’t. Taki shamelessly runs all his workshops barefoot not because it’s branding but because it is comfortable. The ability to be authentically naturally you is important. While you are doing what you are doing, who are you being? Who are you at your best? Asking yourself these questions helps you to amplify your best self.

It’s hard to be yourself- but you can trick yourself. It’s when we talk about our businesses that we morph into someone else. Forget about presenting yourself and start talking to a real person. That is Taki’s camera trick. On stage- those people are actually there. And then for emails, he’s got a client that he keeps in mind.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to be your AUTHENTIC self
  • Hacks to uncover the REAL YOU
  • The core elements of Messaging
  • Identifying WHO you serve according to Taki
  • What to do once you’ve identified your WHO

Practical and Actionable:

Showing up as yourself: you at your best. Use 3 words to describe that person. Where is a place you’d love to show up more like that?

Resources and Links

How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

I love my audience of listeners. I really do. I would love to help you in some way. I started doing calls with listeners and realized that it was a great way to understand you.

Okay, then I formalized the process to offer a Results Roadmap… it is a private one-on-one call with me about your business. I want to help you see your roadmap with more clarity and confidence. Find out more about the Results Roadmap (it takes you to my personal website). This is not a sales pitch. Let me serve you.


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