279 | How to Sell Socially with Jack Kosakowski

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Jack Kosakowski

Selling in business is part of the journey. Well, it is actually a huge part of your growth. No sales means no business. Sales has changed with the impact of social media. This interview is with Jack Kosakowski who runs a digital agency. He has been on the front lines of “social selling” for years. Jack shares the 3 keys to selling using social channels effectively.

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Target Audience: Jack serves entrepreneurs who are seeking to use social media to expand their businesses.


The Trap of Success

Everybody is going through a fear on some level. What Jack has found is that people come out of their shells when they hit rock bottom. He has seen this in others and has experienced it himself as well.

Do What You Love

After hitting rock bottom, Jack knew he wanted to build something. He remembers feeling a strong motive behind it. He wanted to teach entrepreneurs how to use social media in their daily life to help drive business. He finally surrendered to doing something he loved. And he realized: You can’t wake up every morning and do something you don’t love!

It’s possible for everyone to do what they love. When you figure that out, you’ve got to risk it all. If you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself for the rest of your life. This stands true even if it means giving up a stable and steady paycheck.

Staying True to Yourself

People don’t seem to like change. When Jack first started to come out with his message about the importance of social media for businesses, he received an immense amount of criticism from people who held an older paradigm about how to conduct business. Nevertheless, he knew social media was the future and decided to just put his “blinders” on. He firmly knew this was his passion and what he believed in.   

Self awareness

Being in sales, you’ve got to trial and error lots of things. There’s lots of uncertainty in the area of social selling. Despite all the uncertainty, he still forged ahead with what he believed in the potential of social selling. True confidence came when the results proved it. Even more- he was then able to TEACH the strategy to others. When you can model it, no one can stop you.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • 3 keys to selling using social media
  • Using social media for business
  • Believing in yourself despite the critics
  • Getting visible
  • Why doing what you love is a risk you’ve got to take

Practical and Actionable:

What’s working today- according to Jack!

  1. Focus on getting visible: get people’s attention.
  2. Value: meaning content- giving value. It’s a process and requires consistency. How valuable are you over time?
  3. Get connected: scaling connections and conversations. In the digital age, you’ve got to take advantage of this.

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