282 | Creating Influence with Internal Thought Leadership with Neen James

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Neen James

When you have more influence and authority, people pay attention. Have you considered raising your focus on “Thought Leadership?”  My guest today is the Ah-mazing Neen James. I borrow Neen’s exact phrasing of amazing because she is so freaking amazing. We talk about developing internal thought leaders for your company.  Don’t miss this episode with Neen James.


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Target Audience: Neen calls herself an attention expert. She is a keynote speaker and helps people pay attention to what matters. She targets those feeling overwhelmed, over-stressed and over-tired. Typically, they don’t know where to start. Neen provides them actionable/tangible approaches they can incorporate immediately. Her goal: to help people pay attention and create significant moments that matter.

The TRAP of success

Neen finds this happens when people are too comfortable. For others it is that fear of the unknown. It’s a huge leap of faith to take and many don’t have the confidence to do it. The truth is, you are always hustling when you’ve got your own company. You’ve got to CREATE your own cash flow.

How to Get Attention

To get attention, you’ve got to give attention first. Intention is what makes attention valuable. Be conscious about it. Pay attention to what matters. Everyone wants to be seen and heard. But you’ve got to give it to get it. This is something that can be applied right away.

Get Support by Supporting Others First

Choose a significant number of people to represent your brand. Use the power of social media. Engage people through Facebook groups. Use facetime. When you think about the ways you can get creative- you’ve got to see that the world is more connected than ever before. Support people who you want to support you by broadcasting them.

Selecting People To Be Brand Ambassadors

Select a handful of people (20) and created a 12 month program. Help them develop their own thought leadership concepts. Expose them to different thought leaders. Give them the right books to read as a guide and then help them package their own concepts as thought leaders. Set them free into the world to share that. Use platforms such as speaking, videos, etc.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to GET the attention you deserve
  • Why supporting others first is everything
  • Becoming laser focused on where to place your attention
  • Helping others develop their own LEADERSHIP path
  • Platforms to use to connect

Practical and Actionable:

Develop thought leadership. What’s most important in the message you have for the world? Once identified, what’s your unique experience? Then create a contextual model that very quickly captures that intellectual property that visually appeals to your audience. Use blogs, videos, and speeches at panels. As you test your ideas, collect testimonials.

Resources and Links

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