284 | Building Great Brands with Rick Cesari

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Rick Cesari

You have watched late-night TV before to see the brand ambassadors show you a new product that is sure to change your life. Well, you can learn from that magic from our guest today. Our guest is Rick Cesari who has been the man behind many mega brands. Rick shares the keys to building a great brand no matter what business you are in.

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Target Audience: Rick serves business owners who are seeking to accelerate the effectiveness of their branding through marketing via media and technology.


Rick’s Trap of Success Story

Ricks tells us about how he had become very successful in his business and then complacent. Why? Well, because he felt he had a good amount of money in the bank, things became easy. Basically, he stopped functioning and thinking like a startup entrepreneur. In other words, he became passive about how he was conducting business.

For example, Rick turned down many speaking gigs. At the height of his then – success, he does admit he was fearful about getting on stage. But, he was also too comfortable to take those risk of getting on stage. Speaking could have really helped his business and he saw this later on when his business took a downward plummet. He knew then that if he had marketed himself through speaking, he could have saved himself from some of the losses he experienced.


KEYS To Effective Branding:

  1. KNOW why someone would buy your product
  2. Position yourself: What/where is your market place where you can build your following? Identify it!
  3. Deliver VALUE: Set customer expectations and EXCEED them. When you over promise and then over deliver, it will always help the brand you are trying to build.
  4. LISTEN to your customers. Reach out out to them. Your customers will tell you everything that is wrong and right with your business.
  5. GET Authentic Testimonials: people singing your praises – because they have experienced you and your product. The more you can get that out into your marketing, the better.

Making the Emotional Connection

When positioning yourself in the marketplace, be sure whatever it is you are selling emotionally connects with the audience. For instance, the juicing business Rick started with his brother had its roots in a personal and health standpoint. They were passionate about this business  because they had lost their father aged 46 from a heart attack. Thus, they were impacted by how much juice could enhance people’s quality of life.

Emotional Connection = Authenticity

The emotional connection is what makes any business authentic. In describing how the product affected Rick and his brother in a personal way- it resonated with others in a personal and emotionally charged way.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Rick’s own personal story with the trap of success
  • The 5 keys to effective branding
  • Making the emotional connection with your audience
  • Executing authentic branding
  • How to create positive momentum for yourself every day


Practical and Actionable:

In the morning, spend time meditating. Spend time listening to podcasts and absorb as much info as you can that is relevant to what you are working on at the moment. Get the day off to a good start where you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

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