Angela Buttimer

285 | Four Uncommon Principles to Leadership with Angela Buttimer

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Angela Buttimer

With all the talk about leadership, there seems to be something missing in most of the concepts. Today we look at 4 uncommon principles of leadership through the eyes of our guest, Angela Buttimer. Angela is co-founder of the Atlanta Center for Mindfulness and Well Being. Join us for today’s insights.

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Target Audience: Angela is a licensed psychotherapist and Executive Coach. She has coached and counseled executives for over 2 decades. She helps leaders become their best selves through mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.

Mindfulness for Leaders

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment without judgement. without grasping for something in the future or compulsively reviewing the past. It is a training of learning to stay in the present moment with whatever is arising. There will always be conflict. The question is, how will you react to it?

Also, if we’re overly preoccupied with the past or future, we cannot actively engage in what is in front of us. This is all tied to corporate success. It turns out that stress related causes are negatively affecting companies and their performance. More and more often, people are starting to take notice and striving for a change in the way they react to life’s curveballs.

Because, it’s not about NOT having stress but how we relate to it. Angela’s principles help you go from habitually reactionary patterns to more skillfully responding to what is being presented.

The 4 C’s of Mindfulness: A Guide to Problem Solving

Leaders are just people. Unfortunately so many of them are taking a massive hit due to stress. What is motivating the behavior and beliefs? Angela came up with the 4 C’s to help Leaders navigate their world in a more effective way.

Calm – must be in place before anything. Being calm is an intentional act. Begin to work with the breath and the body. People tend to walk into their work environment overly tense and this emits a stress response. The amygdala hijacks the prefrontal cortex preventing clarity of mind. If the body can relax, the mind will follow.

Compassion – leaders who are more compassionate and empathetic can galvanize commitment and focus from their team and cultivate higher performance.

Clarity – if we are overextended in our daily tasks- clarity eludes us. When we have clarity, we can be more intentional about how to show up each day.

Choice – Choices are being made constantly and when practicing mindfulness, these choices are more likely to be informed by our best selves. With this practice, Leaders shift from habitual reactionary patterns to more skillful, conscious responding to whatever presents itself.

Practical and Actionable

Get intentional about who you want to be and how your choices line up with that. Do a morning ritual that sets the tone for your day. Did you know the most successful people in the world have a morning ritual?  

In this episode we’ll cover

  • The 4 Keys to Mindfulness
  • Cultivating a Present Mind
  • Relaxing the body and mind
  • Why empathy matters
  • How to set up your day every day


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