Ana Melikian

289 | Using LinkedIn to Connect with Prospects with Ana Melikian

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Ana Melikian

Have you been using Linkedin to its full potential? Ana Melikian joins us on this episode where we chat with about how to use Linkedin as a bridge to connect with people in a meaningful way. It’s about cultivating real conversations using this very powerful platform. Tune in as we delve into how to make the most of this tool and the common mistakes you can avoid.

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Target Audience: Ana helps coaches, consultants and trainers enroll high value clients using Linkedin.

Linkedin: An Amazing Free Tool

We all know Linkedin is a great place to have a resume which can easily be kept up to date. But it’s got other powerful assets too!

What Ana found as an entrepreneur is that Linkedin is also a great place to engage people and have meaningful conversations that can lead to clients. So she asked herself, how can one use the POTENTIAL in this tool?

Top 3 mistakes people make on their Linkedin profile

  1. The Photo: Make sure you have a professional looking photo. Make sure it is visible beyond your 1st degree connections.
  2. The Linkedin Summary Line: This is the line underneath your photo. If you don’t connect with people on that line, people will not continue to read the rest of your profile. It must convey who you serve and what the big result is that you help them to get. You will then start attracting people with whom you ought to build relationships with.
  3. The Summary Section: make it more about them than about you. Show them that you understand them and their challenges.

The call to action you want to evoke through your Linkedin profile is: “CONNECT WITH ME.”

We are not trying to sell anything at this point. It’s not about you- it is about them. Operate from the perspective of the people you are trying to attract. Do not utilize it like an ABOUT page. Make it about the people you want to serve.

Don’t start with “I” – begin with them- such as what you appreciate about the population you work with. Here’s Ana’s example: “We help coaches and consultants win high value clients using Linkedin.”

The Linkedin profile should represent you as the person and all your credibility. You don’t want to leave people digging around for information about you.  

Obviously people are not going to buy just because you have a strong profile. So how do you bridge that gap?

Balancing 2 Activities: Asking and Giving

Coaches and consultants are usually good at the giving part but not so good at the asking part. You can achieve this as you are interacting with people on Linkedin on a one to one basis.

Begin to know them and let them get to know you. Ask them questions about themselves. Have a good balance between personal and business.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to effectively represent yourself on Linkedin
  • Mistakes people make on Linkedin
  • Using Linkedin to lead to real conversations
  • Tips on taking the conversation from Linkedin into real life
  • Why your profile is not about you but who you serve  

Practical and Actionable:

Here are some tips about balancing Asking & Giving: Based on their profile, reference some things that you find to be commonplace. The it is about transitioning to an actual conversation.

Wait for the point where you’ve built enough trust and then ask in a simple way. Avoid using scheduling links. Respect the target market and what they prefer. Whatever helps to make their lives easier- do that. Simplify it- give them dates to a schedule an in person or phone interaction.

Resources and Links

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