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292 | Lead Generation in A New Frontier with Billy Gene Shaw

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Gene ShawBilly Gene teaches marketers how to use social media to get ROI for local businesses. Find out why your branding and credibility don’t mean as much as your following. Learn how you can get the ball rolling on your following using Youtube. Billy says Social Media is IT when it comes to HYPER GROWTH. Discover all the ways you can accelerate your business’ growth using social media.

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Target Audience: Billy specializes in social media paid advertising to find customers for local businesses.

Billy, How Did You Get So Darn Confident?

If you listen to the way Billy speaks on this podcast, you cannot deny his high sense of confidence. Billy admits that he gained his high level of confidence from winning AND losing. He consciously put himself through the experience of experimenting with Facebook advertising – and even losing a ton of money.

BUT – he got better at it. He started working with one franchise that rapidly expanded. His experience granted him a knowing that he could get results.

Billy’s Thoughts On Branding

For Billy, Branding could be meaningless. What truly holds meaning is you either make money or lose money. It’s quite black and white. Billy chooses to put his focus on creating value for your audience. The brand means nothing in light of what you are giving.

Creating Video For The Pre-Roll Ads on Youtube

Billy is BIG on Youtube advertising. Here are his tips for creating ads:

Tip 1: Identify a prop. Something you can hold that will gain the attention of your audience.

Tip 2: Choose your environment wisely. Choose something out of the ordinary. Maybe beach or something in nature. Basically, get out there and avoid mundane settings like an office.

Tip 3: Choose MUSIC. Music dictates the emotion of your ad. Go to or These sites allow you to search music by emotion.

These tips are about making it exciting and entertaining. You have to entertain before you educate. Once you educate, then you can execute.

What do You Need For Hypergrowth?

About 5 years ago, Billy was living at his mom’s trying to figure out the whole entrepreneurial thing. Billy is not someone who comes from money, but he decided to get really really great at something. He has a skillet that he owns.

Get obsessed with paid ads. Get obsessed with the simple principle of spending. Advertise. Make more than you spend.

Marketing is all about gaining distribution and having a direct way to ask people to buy something at any time. Whoever has the distribution wins.


It’s not so much about “credibility” as it is about the following. Now, if you’ve got both, then you’re a rockstar. But what people are not creating right now are different type of assets like videos.

Those who think they are solopreneurs – are mistaken. When it comes to Hypergrowth, no one stands alone. There is no such thing as a solopreneur! It is all about the team.

The Culture At Billy Gene is Marketing

In order to take it to the next level and make more money, you’ve got to acquire more skills. As long as you continue to add value, you can continue to get paid.

At Billy Gene is Marketing, staff staying late is normal because that’s what it took to get the job done that day. It’s important to Billy to hire someone who he trusts and even more importantly, someone will get along with everyone who is already working there. Trust and compatibility trump skillset.

Billy calls people out often AND in front of everyone. Why? Because he wants people to be OK with messing up. Sh*t happens. And when it does, you can get over it. Own it, in the moment in front of everyone. Keep it real with each other and avoid building up resentment.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Billy got so confident
  • Why Branding is not as important as you think
  • What you’ve got to be doing on Youtube
  • Why a BIG following means more than credibility in 2017
  • How Billy keeps it real with his staff

Practical and Actionable:

Generate leads: take your cellphone and use as your camera. Take a selfie video. Solve a problem for your ideal customer. If they want more help with it, schedule their first appointment for free. You can do this no matter what industry you are in. ADVERTISE. CAPTURE. SELL. That is always the process.

Resources and Links

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