Brian Scudamore

293 | Hiring Those With The Entrepreneurial Spirit with Brian Scudamore

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Brian Scudamore

Growth in business is never a solo sport. You have to engage your team and others around you. One key aspect to growth, is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit within your teams. As a leader, you will get others to create value and take ownership of their work so that the company will grow. Our guest today is Brian Scudamore who shares insights on how to engage the entrepreneurial spirit in your culture.

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Target Audience: Brian serves Entrepreneurs and Leaders. His focus is all about propelling forward the entrepreneurial spirit. His niche is on“Entry-Preneurs” – meaning he supports people in their early journey of entrepreneurship.

The VISION: Who Brian Hires

We’re always looking for those embodying that fast paced entrepreneurial spirit no matter what role they are playing. It is about finding people who take complete ownership – people who see the company’s vision and can relate to it on a personal level. The team starts with “The Painted Picture” – a double sided document Brian writes every 5 years. It outlines the direction of where the company is going. It doesn’t say HOW they will get there.

Energy and focus is placed on finding the people who are so fired up and stoked about getting there. They become part of that plan. If you want to get people to own something, they’ve got to feel it from day one. It is the guaranteed way they’ll feel that personal responsibility.

Brian also shares that he specifically hires people that exude optimism. These are happy people  who are fired up, ready to go and ready to contribute.

The Beer & BBQ Test

Brian’s team uses the beer and bbq test- basically meaning: could you see yourself having a beer with that person being interviewed? Do you find them to be interesting? Is there a sense that something powerful is driving them forward in life? Do they fit in? The questions asked in the interviews are based on feelings – which is unique because not all companies base their answers on feelings. But so much of what we do is about building something bigger.

Brand Ambassadors

Brian hires people who are proud to be part of what the company is building. So they often actually wear the brand. That’s something that’s very much part of the culture. Staff feels a part of what is building as a unit. They do it because they feel it.

Brian, When You’re In Demand, How Do You Handle It?

When Brian found who could not be everywhere at once, he started to get others in the company to step up to the plate when he couldn’t do it all. He even had them step up to podiums and speak. It even gave them publicity and value of teaching others. It became a win win situation.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Hiring your Brand Ambassadors
  • Getting free press
  • Getting your team to step up to the plate  
  • Why compatibility is better than skill-set
  • How to hire people who take complete ownership

Practical and Actionable:

3 steps to free press:

  1. Know your angle- everybody’s got a story in their business. Just think, what is that angle- why would someone care about what you do as a business?
  2. Know who you are targeting.
  3. Pick up the phone. In today’s current digital world, it’s a rare thing that people do. Share you energy and give your quick pitch.

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