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294 | The Visibility Coach Shares Uniqueness with David Avrin

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David AvrinIn today’s crowded marketplace, you have to have a unique aspect to your business to capture attention and close sales. We love to share the unique and we are emotionally engaged with a new approach to solving a known problem. Join me today in my chat with David Arvin who is an author and speaker about what it takes to win in today’s marketplace.

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Target Audience: David speaks and consults for a living. He targets entrepreneurs and sales professionals. He focuses on marketing and branding and how to stand out as the better choice in a competitive market place.

The Shift in Marketing

What is your competitive advantage? According to David, it is all about your brand visibility. While marketing has always been around, the shift that’s occurred is in response to the internet.

There are so many choices out there, that the focus on marketing today is about showing how you are the better choice.

It’s more about competitive advantage and less about qualifications. David shares that it’s a fascinating time to teach marketing because there are many new tactics out there now- like social media. But the core of it is still helping people understand who you are and what you do so they know you are the right choice.

Educating People On What You Do Is An Art

You must spend time educating your prospective customers on who you are, what you do and why you are great. Why are you better than the other choices? Spend just as much time explaining what you do as you do doing what you do. We must do this in a persuasive and articulate way.

Guidelines to Competitive Advantage

Become aware of where other people in the marketplace are doing well. Create your marketing around your competitors. This gives you a baseline. It also gives you a knowing about what makes you better compared to the other choices (your competitors).

Of course, being better is subjective.  But you can cultivate something unique when you know what is happening around you.


Identify a core audience and position yourself as an expert for them.

Visibility wins. If they don’t know who you are, then they cant buy what you are selling. Today, that means being visible where your customers are – wherever that may be: on the internet or elsewhere.

Social Media

Be consistent and humane with your social media posts. David finds that posts about his life get bigger reactions most times compared to posts about business. Posting about yourself is what makes you approachable. His social media aims to allow people to see who he is. Transparency is key.

Practical and Actionable:

Play buzzword Bingo! Look for the gaps in your competitors. That will help to determine what makes you unique.

Resources and Links

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