297 | Growth is Not An Accident with Greg Centineo

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Greg Centineo

Greg Centineo is all about working with your team to cultivate hypergrowth. The journey  of Hypergrowth is not a solo process. Growth is about building clear intention collaboratively with your team. It is about the power of a shared vision. Companies stop growing because leaders think they forget to nurture the very people who work for them. On this episode, we talk about how to continually evolve and grow with intention.

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Target Audience: Greg targets companies struggling to meet their objectives. His focus is on helping leaders inspire and draw people to want to be involved in the visions and projects they are developing. He also helps companies be more intentional about their growth.  


The Oz Project

Greg tells us about how he and his team raised 122 million dollars over 10 years during the recession to help this project come alive. How did they do it? Greg says, he and his team knew they had to continually evolve in what they were doing. Each step was a continual evolution of mindset to pull off the impossible.


Growth is Not an Accident

It requires intelligence, a story and the ability to engage people. You say want hyper growth? Well, then you must engage people into your story – into your product. The key is the ability to see people in masses coming to you – people who like and believe in what you are doing.


This is NOT just about customers! It includes: your team, peers and customers. Greg says, you cannot compartmentalize the common denominator in relationships. They must become enveloped so that they believe in what you see – your vision. Your dream has to become their dream.  

And it can’t just be about money. It’s got to be more holistic than that. It’s got to be about your clients. What makes you stand out? These are intentional strategies that you build.  


The Collective Vision

When people buy into something, they are buying into the story and the journey to the goal. People want to be a part of something. They become part of the fabric of that story and that’s why everyone is on the same page toward the ultimate goal. It’s about what’s being done collectively.

People want to be grounded in their why – they want to know what gets them out of bed every day.


Belief In Your Story

When you believe in what you are doing and WHY you are moving the mountain, it’s always because of your belief and your passion. It’s contagious and people will join you and move that mountain into the ocean with you.

What are the common things that keep companies from growing their companies in the way they want to?

They lose site of the people. The number 1 responsibility of leadership is you create a culture. The top priorities is the inspiring and the nurturing of your people and teams. It gets lost because we get lost in the busyness of the company. But the company IS the people. It is about finding what they are great at and helping them succeed.

You can do really great things on your own. But never the magnitude of what you can do with other people. Your staff builds the company and the job of the leaders is to make sure that the environment and the culture is healthy. Humans are amazing if you let them do what they are gifted to do.  


Practical and Actionable:  

I have my clients speak to their staff one on one. Because it is from the staff that they will hear about the potential issues or blockages. Your analysis should be based on the individual needs of your staff.    


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why growth is about teamwork
  • The power of a shared vision amongst a collective group
  • Why companies stop growing
  • People buy into stories not things
  • How to cultivate a healthy culture for your company   


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