301 | The Brand Ambassador Series: VP of The One Thing

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Geoff Woods

Discover how empire builders are letting others build an empire for themselves. Keller Williams Realty has embarrassed the idea of “Internal Brand Ambassadors.” The interview today is with Geoff Woods who shares how he has stepped in as VP of The One Thing. He is a perfect example of Brand Ambassadors sharing the message and taking ownership for growth.

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Jay Papasan and Gary Keller are the authors of the best selling book: The One Thing. This book shows people how to get clarity on how they want to invest their time. Many of us have a tendency to want to do everything. Tune in to learn how to pick that ONE THING. Geoff says once you pick that one thing, everything else becomes easier. And here’s a question to ponder: How many rabbits can you chase? The answer? Only one. It’s all about the One Thing!

Geoff shares how his partner had the vision of being #1. Fast forward to today and Geoff and his partner knows all too well that the only way to create an empire is to understand that no one succeeds alone. His partner knew that he would stifle the growth of the company if he made it about him.

So, he developed the habit of recruiting amazing talent into his world and coaching them to their possibilities. He has a question he asks himself regularly:

“How do I give myself permission to make myself so big, that any talented individual can step inside my world, have everything they could possibly ever want and never need to leave?”

This is profound because anyone who has ever left a position, left because they knew they couldn’t have everything they ever wanted in that position.  

There is a movement happening around how people can hone their most valuable resource: their TIME!

The Value of Brand Ambassadors

This whole aspect of Brand Ambassador is not new: We asked Geoff if he sees the value of others carrying the message and not just the founders? Geoff believes that yes- you’re not a business owner until you can step away from your business and your net worth goes up. Can you go on vacation with no cell phone or any other form of connection to the world? will your net worth do better in your absence? Most people haven’t thought in this way. They have – instead – built a business to rely on them – to depend on them. What they are really doing is shackling themselves to a job.

Cultivating Habits

People decide their habits and their habits decide their future. What will your habit be? Can you give yourself permission to narrow your focus to do the one thing you can do – such that by doing it makes everything easier?

The beauty of the book The One Thing is that it is already laid out. It is a model of how to live a life.  It shows you how to choose the habit to form first. Geoff adds that when you look at a certain habit you think you do not have time to do – stop looking at it that way. what are the habits you MUST do that make everything else easier? You step into a new paradigm of living when you perceive things through this lens.

Ponder this: If doing the most important thing actually is the most important thing, why would you do anything else?

What Makes a Great Ambassador?

A great ambassador is someone who can clearly communicate where the company is going so that others are ACTIVATED and want to be part of it. So, as leaders, deepen that message inside of them! We make it a part of their life so that they’re living the message.

Creating Content

Geoff’s chosen platform is podcasting and he uses it to communicate his message for the growth of his business. He shares that had been living the book for a year before the podcast was launched.

How does Geoff keep his podcast going? Geoff has a calendar of episodes. He has 8 eight episodes completed (a month out). He focuses on being in touch with what people are struggling with so that content is relevant at any given time. It’s also about figuring out how to serve people at a higher level constantly.

Know Your Audience

Geoff says, “anything that has ever started, began with talking to my ideal customer and figuring out what their pain was.” He then brainstormed the solution with them and when it came to something they’d actually have to pay money for and customized it to their needs.

Practical and Actionable

1) Live the brand every single day. How can you expect anyone else to do it if you do not?

2) Look at all the things you could do? then: what’s the one thing I can do? such that by doing it- everything else would be easy or unnecessary? START there!

Resources and Links

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