306 | How to Re-Purpose Content with Brian Wright

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Brian Wright

Creating content for your brand has become a necessary part of sharing your message and building your community. You also want to re-purpose your content into the right channels. Today’s interview is with Brian Wright is on how to repurpose content. Discover why it is important and how to make the most of it.

Target Audience: Brian serves entrepreneurs, business people, career enthusiasts and people who want to better themselves.

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People like to learn in different ways. Not everyone likes to read. Not everyone likes to listen. Not everyone likes to watch. Everyone takes on a combination of those things in terms of learning modalities. When Brian makes content, it’s very important that it’s created in a way that is very accessible to everyone. Brian knows not everyone is going to consume his content in the same way.

Good content is paramount. You’ve got to think about what your market wants. Business growth is a topic everyone wants to talk about – especially those who are actively doing that. So it is about scaling and  nurturing relationships.

Having great content to repurpose is certainly paramount. And ways of repurposing is a topic unto itself!

For instance, Brian has a podcast and he treats each episode as if he is getting a coaching session from the guest. He asks questions i want to know the answers to. He figures, if he has a question about something in particular, then other people must also have the same questions and so he asks on behalf of others.

Being the Media

There are days Brian says he receives multiple requests from people looking to be on his show. There is something to be said for being in demand. When Brian started out, he was chasing people to be on his show. Now, it’s the opposite. ⅔ of his guests have been referred to me. The lowest priority are those who cold pitch him and don’t know anything about him.

The really cool thing about having a show is that you are building your network. You get to connect with those who have been on your show and the people who tune in. Guests help you find others to be on the show too.

When it comes to repurposing, do you look at how the market wants to take in the information? Any tools that you offer?

I cast my net wide because I know my content will resonate with someone. So I just repurpose that material in all 3 forms (visual, audio and video). I put it out there and I ask people to share it.

What have you learned?

Shorter formats work best. Anything more than 5-10 minutes long – is just not realistic in terms of keeping people engaged. You’ve got to respect people’s time – plus people have a very short attention span. My goal is to say what I want to say in short period of time and make it actionable.

My radio shows are an hour long- but set that expectation from the beginning. Each segment is about 12 minutes with commercials in between.

Tips on how to take a longer format to boil down into the 3 to 5 min range?

I prepare 2 dozen questions for my show. I get to ask about 15 of them. If i want to repurpose something, I might focus on 1 or 2 topic related questions that I ask a guest and do a short video about that. Then I have 5-6 potential videos that I can use or create based on that hour long content.

How do you expand your reach?

The format always starts the same but is flexible based on how the interview is going.

Formatting Content

Format your content in a way that people can walk away with something. But you’ve got to make it fun and consumable. If it’s boring, people will tune out. If it’s not actionable, people don’t care. Create content regularly or people will forget about you.

Practical and Actionable

It’s hard to do anything in business where everyone is going to like you. If your goal is to be liked by all, it’s NOT going to happen. Brian gives us some tough love: “Get over  yourself and put what you have out there! Sometimes making something controversial can work in your favor. Chances on you may be on to something!”


How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

I love my audience of listeners. I really do. I would love to help you in some way. I started doing calls with listeners and realized that it was a great way to understand you.

Okay, then I formalized the process to offer a Results Roadmap… it is a private one-on-one call with me about your business. I want to help you see your roadmap with more clarity and confidence. Find out more about the Results Roadmap (it takes you to my personal website). This is not a sales pitch. Let me serve you.


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