318 | Creating a Vision That Gets Buy In

You want everyone within your organization to understand your vision and work to making it a reality. Creating a vision that is shared across the organization is a process that breaks the norms of top-down vision into including others in the creation and the validation of the vision. In the case of top-down only, most of the effort in getting others to buy-in to the vision of the organization. In my research with hypergrowth companies, those organization that involved all levels into the company of the vision are more likely to grow faster. When you create the vision, you have more ownership. Ownership of the vision makes you more engaged with the strategies and tactics of the organization. All this comes down to results and getting others within the company to work with you on making the vision a reality.

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 “Creating a Vision That Gets Buy In”

– [Gene] How do you get others to buy into your vision? You create this vision that will really define where your company’s going. Hold yourself up in your office for a day or two, or maybe you went offsite and created this vision. Maybe you even worked on it with your leadership team. And as you guys created this new future for yourself, you started to think about, “Well how do we communicate this to others? How do we get them to buy in?” I wanted to share some of the research I have with you, and give you a five-step plan to help you actually do this in a more affective way.

Hi, my name’s Gene Hammett, I help hypergrowth companies really understand the chaos of growth, and how that really can be harnessed so that they can continue to grow successfully. I’ve done a lot of research on hypergrowth companies that ink five thousand specifically. I talked to 51 CEOs about this, and then their average growth rate across three years was 2,700% plus.

Now, all of this that I’m talking about today comes from that. So, let’s dive into this a little bit, I wanna kind of give you a story. There’s the “Tale of Two Companies.”

The first company has, much like we started out this video with, is they were looking at creating a vision so they got with the leadership team, and they created that vision together. They worked on it, they refined it, they really put some work into pressure testing this vision to make sure it was a really good fit for the company, and make sure everyone would get involved. Now, the problem is, all the work that they put into creating it was there’s. And then they spent all this time to try to get people to understand it and to buy into it. The real key there is can people buy into the vision.

Now, that first company, you probably know that very well because that’s the common way that visions are created, it comes from a top-down structure. But, the other company, the tale of the second company if you will, they did it a different way. When they decided to recast their vision to a new future, they were able to bring in, not just the leadership team, but some key players across the company representing different levels.

They have different levels of experience with customers and projects, and the supply chain. And all of that allowed them to shape something, sort of in a draft mode, before they actually communicated it out. But, more people were involved then. Now, with more people involved into the vision, and at different levels of the company, it was easier to communicate because they had representation, and buy-in was so much easier.

So, if you want to know more about vision, you probably want to go get my research on hypergrowth companies, and you can do that at GeneHammett.com/hypergrowth. It’ll give you some of the insights beyond just this vision piece, but some of the other disciplines of hypergrowth companies. So, what do we do with your vision, that if you want to get it to be shared across the organization? There’s fives steps I wanna share with you, here they are:

The first one, select others to participate in crafting the vision, go beyond just you and your leadership team. Get others in the company involved in them.

The second one, get input and feedback on the vision as you go, let other’s help you because they’re a part of it, they will feel a part of it when it’s actually created and communicated out.

The third one is, present the draft vision before the whole company. The goal is to get them to buy into the vision before it’s shaped in stone. Get feedback, right there on the spot.

The fourth one, finalize the vision knowing others have helped you shape it. It’s really about knowing that it is what everybody wants, it is allowing everybody to be a part of it.

And then finally, number five, share the vision knowing that you will have instant buy-in from your people. And that’s the five steps. When you understand how to use vision and create something that can be shared across multiple people, not just the leader down or the leadership team down, you really will have more buy-in to what you’re trying to create.

Now, all this comes from my research on hypergrowth companies, which is just phenomenal. If you really wanna understand what it takes to grow fast, those six disciplines, one of them is about shared vision, so there’s five others out there that you could really learn from.

Alright, my name’s Gene Hammett, if you’re joining us this is Hypergrowth Tips. You can stay subscribed at HyperGrowth.tips, or you can just hit subscribe on the screen right now, if you’re watching it on YouTube.

Alright, if there’s anything I can do to help you understand how to be hypergrowth companies in your leadership, just let me know. Take care, and as always, have the courage to lead.



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