319 | How to Make Your Marketing More Effective with Lynan Saperstein

The process of creating a more effective marketing strategy includes tracking ROI. You can’t wing this component. You can’t use “gut feeling” in the fine-tuning phase of marketing. Lynan Saperstein, Founder of The Experience Experts, shares with us simple ways to improve your marketing by being willing to track it. Results are the game. Discover ways to make your marketing more effective.

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Marketing More Effective with Lynan Saperstein

Share the LOVE and TWEET about this episode. Target Audience: The Experience Experts is a full service 360 marketing agency for boutique hotels and resorts. Specifically, these hotels/resorts are looking to increase their group bookings which will in turn increase their general guest bookings and revenue. Lyana and her team are obsessed and passionate about bringing marketing to the forefront of all businesses.


Myths & Misconceptions

We ask Lynan, “What’s the biggest myth or misconception that leaders have when it comes to marketing?

  1. They don’t really know what marketing is
  2. The second piece is they think it will all just happen magically. If we’re just posting on social media, we think we are effectively marketing. If we just start sending emails- we’re marketing. If we’re creating content somewhere on the internet- we’re marketing. Marketing needs to be intentional. It needs to have a strategy and it needs to be tested and tracked. If you can’t go on and find the ROI – then you are throwing spaghetti on the wall!


Empowering Leadership

It’s important when you empower leadership in a company. You can do this when you give your team strategies that have been tried. For instance, knowing where traffic came from – whether it is organic traffic, or from social, or an outside source and sharing that with your team empowers them.   

Explaining to them exactly what was done (putting a boost into google ad words for example) and observing what traffic was generated is empowering. You’ll see that your team starts to get excited when they know what is happening and how the strategy is actually turning into dollars.

It’s important when you empower leadership in a company” ~Lynan Saperstein

What are some of the first things you have to do when you are putting together a marketing plan for the leaders you serve?

Lynan says she first determines what the audience/customers want. A marketing plan is not just about  revenue goals – but other things like brand awareness and better engagement on social media. It is also about picking the channel where it will yield the most positive results for the ideal clients they want to attract.

The other piece is brainstorming with the client. So it includes a dialogue to fully understand what has been happening and to build TRUST.


The New Way of Email Marketing

This includes using the chat bot. Lynan has found that people get immediate responses so they keep engaging with it. We are human centered, she says and we are looking for the human experience to feel heard, seen and understood. These are the 3 core principles of human wants. We don’t want to to do anything that feels salesey. We believe in selling without selling. It’s a subtle approach where we place VALUE above all. This is a result of building trust.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Myths in marketing
  • Giving your team effective strategies that work
  • Empowering leadership in your team
  • The evolution of email marketing
  • Using research to improve your marketing

Practical and Actionable:

Have a meeting about what you want to achieve. Start to brainstorm your competition. Identify what you want to add and what you want to improve upon. Research and notice anything outside of your industry where you see they are making a killing in their marketing tactics.




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