358 | Become a Better Leader for Growth

If you desire to become a better leader, you must be willing to look inside yourself. Leadership is as much as you (the leader) as it is about the people you are leading. This short video gives you a perspective on the art to become a better leader. I give you a few new ideas to help you. This is part of the HyperGrowth Tips series and it all about how to become a better leader.

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Become a Better Leader for Growth: The Transcript

Are you the leader you wanna be in your business? I know that’s a big question, but you are so important to the growth of your company. Now, if you are feeling the pressure because you are making all the rules and making all, doin’ all the work, I get it. I totally get it. But you want to make sure that you are playing the right role inside of your business for growth.

Last week I talked about a model that I’ve created around culture. And a growth culture has three key aspects. Here is the first one. It’s you at the top, it’s your team, and then it’s also your systems. Those three aspects are very high level of your company and no matter what you’re going through, if you have the right team in place, you have the right systems, and you are being the leader that you need to be, you can solve the problems and the changes that are coming in right now. Whether it be sales, whether it be customer service issues, market share, an innovation, a new player coming into your market, it doesn’t matter because you’ve got those things aligned. They allow you to move and grow.

Now, let’s look at one aspect of that today because we talked last week about systems, but now I wanna talk about you, you as the leader. You in this whole diagram is really about how are you showing up. Who are you being as the leader? I work with leaders and their leadership teams to help them understand hyper-growth, and help them understand and harness the chaos of that, and grow into the people they want to.

That means they have to lean in to the discomfort. They have to trust themselves. They have to increase their level of confidence. Because the levels that you had to get you to the success you had last year is not gonna get you those big bold goals that you have for next year. So you wanna continuously be evolving. I got tongue tied there. And that the key aspects to this are three parts. The first one is mindset. That’s the way you think. That’s the way you see the world. If that is warped, if that is limiting you, then you won’t see the strategies to help you move forward. You won’t see the limitations that you have inside your own leadership. You’ve gotta understand the mindset that will help you move forward.

Now, the second piece to this is the strategies. As a leader, you’re responsible for developing and working, and collaborating with your team to create strategies for growth. Those strategies are really pre-determined by your mindset. The limits that you have, if you’re tryin’ to do the same things you’ve always done, you’re gonna see only certain set of strategies. You have to expand who you are. And that really is the key to keeping growth going in your business.

Now the next piece to this is your rituals or your habits. Those habits will really help you because that’s where you grow and you create something that’s very systematic. It becomes ingrained inside of you. It becomes natural. Your habits are really the only things you can control. If you get your mindset right, you get the strategies right in your business, and you are doing the habits, I’m gonna give you an example of one in just a second, but everything else gets a lot easier. One habit that you wanna take as a leader is sitting down with each of your team members and talking to them. This doesn’t mean delegating to them every time, this means talking to them and listening and coaching them.

One thing that you wanna ask them is just talking about their career plan, talk about what they want, what skills do they want, how they wanna increase value for themselves. If you can help them increase value that they see in the marketplace for themselves, over time they will give much more of themselves to you and the business. But if they’re not increasing value in the role they’re in, they’re going to resent that. They’re going to not be loyal. And they’re going to actually be disengaged. But the more times you have a habit of listening and coaching those employees, doesn’t matter what business you’re in, talk to ’em about what they want, ask ’em what their fears are, ask ’em what their doubts are, and how do they want to grow in this role or what’s the next role for them.

Those are the kinda questions that will allow you to connect with them. And you might even be able to share some of yourself so that you can show them the courage you have and being vulnerable behind this. So as we back up a little bit, this model is about you, your team, and your systems.

Now there are many places that the overlap with this, one breakdown between the you as the leader and your team is communication. You’ve gotta make sure you’re communicating. I happen to give you a little bit of an example of that in today’s lesson with the conversations and in coaching them but there’s so much more to it. If there’s anything I can do to help you grow your company and get on the right path, I’d love to help you. I’d love to get to know you. I typically work with those that are either in the Inc. 5000 or they want to be an Inc. 5000 leader and they wanna grow exponentially with their company. So if you have any questions make sure you reach out to me. Or just check in with the next piece of content, you’ll learn somethin’ there. too. Alright, as always, lead with courage, and I’ll see ya next time.


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