005 Kimanzi Constable | Facing his Fears of Limiting His Business-Now Kimanzi has a Real Impact Business

Kimanzi ConstableKimanzi Constable started out with a ton of success by selling 80,000 books using social media and transforming his own life in the process. To get there, he began with a wide and broad approach, but quickly realized he had to narrow and be specific to create a powerful business that really makes an impact for his clients. Kimanzi had to face his fears of limiting his business so that he could find a new level of success.

Kimanzi’s Target Audience (now): the family man, with a day job, but still longs to live life by his own design. He wants to create a freedom based, location independent online business, starting on the side and growing it as big as his heart’s desire.

Kimanzi built up the public speaking side of his business, in addition to some coaching and products. Kimanzi even gave us a view of his income split before the new target audience:

  • Speaking $500 per month (average)
  • Products $1000 per month (average)
  • Coaching $1500 – $2000 per month

Kimanzi shares with us about his frustration and desire to build his location independent business. He needed to look at his business with new eyes or in other words with a new perspective. I remember having a chat with him about his coaching business. He was happy to have clients, but wanted more. Our conversation led him to a new strategy.  Kimanzi has transformed his business to 3-4 times an increase in coaching revenue.  This new change has allowed him to move with his family to Hawaii.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What happened to his 5,400 subscriber list when he did focus his business (the answer might surprise you)
  • Kimanzi shares why his coaching revenue increased after making it clear about his audience
  • One key that Kimanzi talks about is brilliant…(BTW, remember he is a writer)…write your content for ONE person, not for a group.
  • Now he has “measurable results” in the work he does…we are all striving to make a difference with our work, our content and even in our marketing. Knowing your audience allows you to serve them better.
  • In 2014, Kimanzi is on a tear with one over arching thought “Less is More”…this is something we can all learn (even me).
  • Kimanzi’s fears were many and he shares them with us in the interview. He found out the fears he had to face…check out the interview to hear more.
  • Writing for your “avatar” is all about writing for one single person.
  • Discover what “opportunity-itis” is and why it is important to you.
  • How he narrowed down his business to understand his audience…this is what allowed him to reach a new level of success.

 Practical & Actionable:

Once Kimanzi decides to “narrow” your business…he did keyword searches to find a single word that keeps coming up. That word was “freedom”.  Freedom is a big part of why Kimanzi does what he does now.

1. Begin with Research. Find where my audience is at online.

2. Talk to others about niching to help you figure it out.  (You can even connect with me if you are wondering how to focus your business.)

3. Discover the “pain points” that they have. This is a big one for you to apply to your search.


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