016 Dave Conrey|Why the REAL Battle is Fought in Your Head

Dave ConreyI’m guessing if you are are reading this, you know the very battle we are talking about and you want to know more.   Dave talks about the value of mindset and the struggles that many creatives have around their “worth”.  This episode is not just for creatives like graphic designers, artists, and crafters.  It is for all business owners that are “in the trenches” of their business.  Dave shares his experience in finding his own target market and profitable niche.  However, most of this episode is on the 90% of what we deal with inside our head as we work in our businesses.

Dave is an artist so it makes total sense that he would lean into serving other artists.  He has created a business that is aligned in the services, branding, content and results that make him so valuable to the people he serves.  Think about how that would be for your business to have complete and total alignment in the marketplace that you operate your business. Discover more about how you can

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Dave’s Target Audience: Dave’s target audience is quite specific: he primarily works with creative entrepreneurs who are struggling with their mindset. He typically works with women between 30-45 who have an Etsy site and are now dealing with how to shift their mindset while also growing and expanding their businesses.

Dave Conrey is a successful art designer, graphic designer and artist who has branched out to help creative entrepreneurs overcome the same mental hurdles he has faced. He understands what it’s like to deal with near-constant feelings of self-doubt and the omnipresent question: “Am I really worthy to successfully sell my art?”

In fact, he understands this artistic experience so well that Marie Forleo had him participate in her most recent B-School launch. If you don’t know Marie or her B-School, it’s safe to say this is an honor awarded only to the best of the best!

Dave is truly a leader who has been in the same trenches his clients find themselves in. And he’s on a mission to help as many people as possible work through the mindset challenges that come with being a successful, entrepreneurial artist. He believes the “starving artist” paradigm can be shifted and anyone with creative and artistic passion can make a living selling their art.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s a false economy and how do you navigate it as an entrepreneur?
  • The two approaches he recommends to his clients to grow their business without investing more time.
  • How Marie Forleo helped him narrow down his niche.
  • The 3 segments to being a leader in the trenches.
  • How he has used his analytics to better reach his audience.
  • Why he stripped down the social media boxes on his web site.
  • Why we don’t need more passive products.
  • What’s the core of his marketing effort? How does he grow his business?
Practical & Actionable (at [26:54]):

Dave says the most impactful suggestion someone ever gave him is something he still uses every day. And it was this: if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.

He believes if you have a goal or something you want to achieve, you must break it down into steps and put those steps on your calendar. Doing so will remind you that you must get this stuff done. He says, “It’s been the biggest factor in helping me get stuff done in relatively quick fashion.”


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