026 Cynthia Sanchez | Overcoming the Fears of Specialization…Pinterest Style

Cynthia SanchezSocial media is a huge topic and it is changing so fast.  You should be weary of the social media expert that says they know ALL the ins and outs of ALL the social media platforms.  In this interview with Cynthia Sanchez, you will hear about how she started out broadly helping people in all the platforms of social media.  Then she quickly discovered the need to really specialize on one aspect of social media.  That paid off for Cynthia in many ways.  In just one of them she was a recent nomination as one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers, she joins an elite group including such notable marketers as Amy Porterfield and Chris Brogan. And she got there by specializing (or niching down).

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Cynthia’s Target Audience:  Cynthia’s target market is teaching businesses and marketers who want to learn how to leverage Pinterest and get the word out about their businesses through that medium.

Let’s look at how Cynthia started her business. She had been dabbling in Pinterest for her own personal enjoyment when a local business asked her to take over their social media marketing. Being a newcomer to the scene, she immersed herself in all social media channels out there from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest. She soon discovered the power of Pinterest and saw the value in focusing on this one particular niche.

Though she had to overcome fears and challenges to develop a business solely based on using Pinterest, Cynthia now loves what she does. She is helping businesses and marketers in many industries reach an otherwise untapped audience.

One of the things she loves best about working with her clients on Pinterest is generating greater impact, driving more traffic and creating maximum results for their businesses. She has found the value and the inherit success that comes with niching down.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to weigh the benefits and the drawbacks of Pinterest for your business.
  • Can you use videos on Pinterest? And what strategies does she suggest using?
  • Can new business owners use Pinterest? Can it help you discover your niche?
  • What she says to people who believe niching down is limiting.
  • Is Pinterest just for weddings, cupcakes and high heel shoes?
  • The fears she faced in narrowing down to Pinterest and how she overcame them.
  • To be a market leader and get out of the trenches, you MUST do this.
  • The keys to getting your content in front of large audiences.

Practical & Actionable (at [25:20]):

Cynthia’s first step for those businesses and marketers in the trenches who want to use Pinterest is getting a “Pin It” button for your web site and/or blog. This button allows people who are visiting to do the work for you. Let them pin your images on Pinterest for you, which allows other people the opportunity to promote for you. She says you can do this even if you don’t open an account. It’s a very simple, practical and actionable step to get started with Pinterest.


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