027 Steven Essa | Using Webinars to Attract Hungry Buyers to Your Business

Steven EssaLearning how to market is an essential part of growing a strong company. Steve Essa shares with you a powerful strategy (and techniques) to find hungry buyers for your market. If you have not heard of “webinars”, then you will likely think this is drinking from a fire hose. Steve packs into this episode details about how to structure your webinar to achieve maximum sales. In addition, we go through the value of finding your target market…which is the #1 first step.

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Steven’s Target Audience:  Steven’s target market is people who are looking to make money on the Internet, like coaches, trainers, authors, speakers, and other people who are already speaking on stage.

Steven Essa’s first dream was to be in a successful thrash metal band, that was his first “make it big” gig! It was as a band member that he learned everything he knows about promotions, marketing, and the hustle it takes to make your dream a reality. And he almost made it with his band; they garnered enough attention in his home country of Australia to warrant a start in the US. But by the time he and his bandmates made it stateside, the music industry had completely changed and the band’s hopes were dashed.

Returning to Australia, Steven set out on his next mission: building websites and selling products online. He built multiple websites to no avail. He next tried his hand at real estate and still hadn’t found his niche. But he connected with someone promoting webinars as a way to make money online, either by running your own webinar or helping others do the same. Steven quickly learned all he could from a new mentor and made $600 on his first attempt. He had found his home. Now he’s honed his craft and helps others have success using webinars as their sales model.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s the most important thing in a webinar according to Steven?
  • What’s a marketing hook and why does it matter to your business?
  • How to overcome your internal blockages to wealth and success: Steven shares what he and his wife do.
  • The two things that are holding people back from ultimate success.
  • How long should your webinars be – 60 min or 90 min? Steven discusses both options and when to use each.
  • Benefits or features: which to use and when to use them in your webinar.
  • Put people into the frame: what that means and how it applies to you.
  • Why you must start using webinars before your competition does.

Practical & Actionable (at [34:50]):

Steven has some practical and actionable steps for getting yourself out of the trenches with a webinar. He says if webinars are something you want to do, register a 30 day free trial with GoTo webinars. After you do that, pick a relevant time zone to hold your first webinar. Then email your list about the webinar.

Now just put some Powerpoint slides together to present something and make an offer at the end of your webinar. Do something, try something.

At the end of the webinar, you will have surprises yourself. You’ll see people saying how good it was and asking you to do more of what you offered. He believes people will be interested in presenting you to their database via a joint venture opportunity; so many different doors can open up as a result of hosting webinars.


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