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Jeff HilimireJeff Hilimire has reached a level of success where he is giving back to our world. Jeff has built multiple businesses and sold them for quite a payday, and now he is finding some amazing places to give to others in non-profits and beyond.  In this show, we discuss all around the issue of “opportunity” because every entrepreneur and business owner is faced with more opportunities than they have time.  We discussed the value of mission, vision, being laser-focused and managing your day-to-day schedule.

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Jeff’s Target Audience:  Jeff’s target market for DragonArmy is mobile games focused on his end users’ experience; he and his team create the best possible user experience in all they do so the games that end up in their user’s hands create lifelong memories. 

Jeff’s foray into entrepreneurship and business ownership began while he was still in college. He and a friend loved building websites and saw an opportunity to build a profitable, successful company doing so. Within 10 years they had built their company to a 75 person staff. After they sold it, Jeff continued to generate new businesses, grow them and sell them.

Today he is at it again with DragonArmy, a mobile-first game studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Because of his previous successes, numerous opportunities cross his path on a regular basis. Relying on his experience, Jeff now sorts out which opportunity will make the best use of his time from a professional and personal standpoint.

In addition to his professional life, Jeff also has begun a few philanthropic quests and sits on the board of several non-profits in his area. He believes in giving back to his community and helping others, especially entrepreneurs. But the only way he’s been able to have the time and energy to pursue both corporate and non-profit ventures is to make certain things priorities and delegate the rest to a trusted and reliable team. He’s learned the value in directing non-growth-focused tasks off his plate and onto the plates of his team members.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What role does vision play in the work he does?
  • How he has become very good at delegating tasks that are not growth-oriented.
  • What allowed him to completely focus on his company’s growth?
  • What’s the obvious factor he sees that is missing from most company’s growth?
  • Pursuing any company vs focusing on a select market: Jeff discusses.
  • How does he organize his time to balance family, work and his philanthropic endeavors?
  • Did he invent wireframes?
  • How imagining being 80 years old helps him choose what he does with his time.

Practical & Actionable (at [26:46]):

Jeff’s practical and actionable advice is to take a week and track where you spend your time each day. Then look at your overall week and see what percentage of your time you are spending on certain tasks. Create a list of three or four items you consider to be the key areas where you want to invest the majority of your time. Now take that list and compare it to how you actually spent your time.

Jeff believes you probably are not spending as much time on that list of three or four items, not as much time as you’d like to be. When you know how you’re spending your time versus how you want to be, you can better craft a plan to invest your time where it will serve you best.


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