032 Jena Rodriguez | You Are Here to Serve CERTAIN People, Not Everyone

Read that title again…There is something special in that title.  Jena Rodriguez shares with us about going beyond the target market…the idea behind the IT factor.  Jena discovered this in her journey to her current business.  She understands the entrepreneur and their journey through the hard times to success.  In fact, Jena has even seen her own hard times and that is what makes her words even more important.

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Jena’s Target Audience:  Jena defines her ideal audience as female, courageous, entrepreneurial-spirited, big thinkers who focus on potential rather than limitation. Her ideal clients are coachable, open-minded, and value-oriented. They are relationship-oriented fast action-takers who are positively optimistic. 

 Jena Rodriguez is a woman on a mission: she’s on a mission to serve entrepreneurs by supporting them in fully expressing who they are and what they are meant to do in this world. She allows them to be who they truly are and is always standing for their greatness.

And the way she does this is through her company, Brand with Jena. She’s a marketing and brand strategist who coaches entrepreneurs to truly develop and master their brand by defining their “IT” factor.

Jena’s background includes working in Corporate America as well as working in fashion. That experience combined with her passion for entrepreneurship led her to grow a graphic design and branding company with her husband. Along the way she realized she was working a lot more “in” her business than on it…and doing so was dimming her light and her husband’s.

They had an honest and heartfelt discussion about what they each were truly passionate about and they chose for Jena to run the business and for her husband to focus on what he loves most: music. From there, Jena truly began to blossom in her business and narrow down her niche. She discovered that by being crystal clear on who she was here to serve, she could actually produce greater results for herself and for her clients.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why is she so committed to entrepreneurship for herself and for others?
  • The lesson she learned from running a business with her husband.
  • How being authentic and being who you are will make you an industry-leader.
  • What is the “IT” factor according to Jena?
  • What fears do her clients come to her with and how does she coach them?
  • How it will feel when you find the people you are meant to serve.
  • What does the word fear actually stand for?
  • How asking this one question could completely shift the trajectory of your business.

Practical & Actionable (at [23:33]):

Jena’s says her first step for practical and actionable is start owning your business and own your position in that business. You ARE the CEO of your business, so connect to the ownership of it.

When you do that, you can ask yourself the question: am I doing all that I can possibly do and how bad do I want this?

She suggests getting into the inquiry of what you are committed and the intrinsic values of the people you serve. Doing so will help you discover your “IT” factor. She says our target market is like a dart board and the “IT” factor is like the bullseye. Getting clear on who your target market is will help you get clear on your “IT” factor.


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