034 Gene Hammett | Discovering Your Real Target Market

Gene HammettIn more than 30 episodes at Leaders in the Trenches, we have talked about “target market” and the value that it offers the companies that really understand the audience they serve.  We have talked to coaches, consultants, designers, marketers, authors, speakers and more to hear of their struggles before knowing their target market and the successes after the WORK to discover their own target markets.  There are 3 stages that you must move through to realize the benefits we talk about here.

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Leaders in the Trenches’ Target Audience: My target market for Leaders in the Trenches is people who are in the trenches, working hard to build businesses but sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the opportunities and responsibilities that come with being a business owner. 

TWEET THIS: "No one ever said I regret focusing my business."
The importance of finding and discovering your target market is so vital and so necessary I chose to devote an entire episode to it. It's clearly been the catalyst that has allowed my guests on this show to get out of the trenches, and into six-figure and seven-figure successful businesses.
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The points covered in this episode are for you if you’re looking to get more quality leads for your business, and if you’re ready to be proactive in doing so. I even go into great detail on what the difference is between proactive and reactive in terms of business actions.

There are plenty of actionable pieces in this show and I intended it to be that way. I want you to walk away from this show knowing how to move forward and dig your business out of the trenches.

Specifically, I cover the four actionable ways to grow your business and what you can do in each area, as well as the three stages of discovering your real target market.

TWEET THIS: "Mindset is about 80% of the battle."

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What if your peers who you look to are doing it all wrong?
  • What you need to get clear on to have much more success.
  • The 4 things to do to get out of the trenches.
  • FOMO: What it is and how to avoid it…
  • What focusing really says to the marketplace about you and your business.
  • How to create new success in your business: the one simple thing you must do.
  • The three words to remember to go beyond what you currently think is possible.
  • Should you turn away new clients that don’t fall into your target market?
TWEET THIS: "You will get more ideas as you focus...and they will be better ideas too."

Practical & Actionable (at [11:45]):

There are three stages of discovering your real target market. They are mindset, functional and implement.

The first stage is mindset. Mindset is about 80% of the battle. You must decide, believe and become. Doing so is how you change your mindset. Ask yourself who do you want to become and who do you see yourself as?

In the second stage, functional, you narrow down your options. Get a list of 5-6 target markets and then validate by talking to people about who & what is right for you. You want to understand if this is the group for you, can you solve their problems and will they pay you for it? Do the legwork and find out.

Then thirdly, implement. This is where you take action and are proactive. And here’s the key to being proactive: knowing when you are reactive vs. proactive. Reactive is writing a blog post or creating a video. Proactive is sharing it with people who will benefit from it. Go take proactive action.


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