035 Matthew Goldfarb | The Money is in the Clarity

Matthew GoldfarbThis one will blow you away on how important it is to be clear about your business direction. We kick off with the importance of WHY you do what you do…WHY you serve the people you serve.

Matthew Goldfarb is a master at messaging and he shares with you his insights to create a clear and compelling message in all you do. The statement “the money is in the clarity” really is all parts of your business so listen in to this episode to see how that applies to your business.

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Matthew’s Target Audience: Matthew’s target market is clients who have something important they want to do in the world. Matthew’s business helps them stand out and be noticed by their ideal clients through clear message, impactful copy and language.

Matthew knows firsthand the value in determining who to work with, and who not to work with. He spent 12 years in advertising in New York City, which he says was awesome until it was terrible.

Once it became terrible, Matthew opted to strike out on his own and did some serious soul-searching to discover who he would serve, why he would serve them and how to make those partnerships work for everyone’s benefit. He wanted to be crystal clear on who his target market is and why he is working with them.

In his quest to answer those questions, Matthew found his niche and as he began to serve them he soon realized who he is as a person was just as valuable to his clients as the work he was offering them. He found they connected to him and why he was working with them as much as they responded to his actual services.

Matthew realized knowing who he is and what his values are played, and continues to play, a significant role in whether someone hires him.

Though he didn’t succeed overnight, the cornerstone to his success has been the investments he has made in truly finding his core values and developing himself through coaching. Today he works with some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial world and supports them in touching as many lives as possible.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Where did the notion of Corporate Renegade come from?
  • How emotions fueled his choices and the growth of his business
  • What does he say is one of his best decisions he has ever made?
  • How much has he invested in business coaching in the last 5 years?
  • What’s “woo” according to Matthew and how does it fit into the business world?
  • Why the things you’ve been told to hide could be your strongest assets.
  • How to get real and get connected with your potential clients and audience.
  • Why being in business JUST to make money isn’t enough anymore: for you and for your clients.

Practical & Actionable:

The first practical and actionable steps to take according to Matthew are to ask and answer the questions: who do I truly want to work with, why do I want to work with them and do they really exist?

Matthew believes every action you take comes out of a place of empowerment when you have those questions answered.

He says to also ask yourself: who do you want to be in your business and what is the business you want to create? When you are thinking of who to work with, imagine that the people you want will say yes to doing business with you and they have the budget to work with you.

With the answers to those questions, you can develop your daily action steps to get your business moving out of the trenches.


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