041 Kim Walsh-Phillips | Changing Your Business Forever Starts with Mindset

Kim Walsh-Phillips If you do not have the business you want or dream of…this interview is for you. Kim Walsh-Phillips shares her journey from crying in your car after working 10 years to build her business to doing over a million in revenue.

Kim’s story really touched a nerve with me as she talks about the difficulties she has chasing prospects and not having a clear ROI for the work she did do. We dive into the specifics of how Kim changed her mindset first…then how she took practical steps to take her business to a new level. Check out the 3 specific steps she took that changed her business forever.

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Kim’s Target Audience: Kim’s target market is actually three markets: the information marketing field, healthcare and professional services. She narrowed down from serving anyone local who would work with her to focusing on these three areas.

Kim is a study in perseverance and commitment. After investing 10 years in her agency, she was still struggling to make ends meet. She thought by doing more of what she was already doing, she could generate more revenue. So she went to every networking event in her local area, talked to anyone and everyone and took on any project that came her way just to make sure she could fulfill on payroll.

And yet time and time again, her business’ funds were short and she resorted to selling her own personal items to make ends meet; she even sold her engagement ring. Something had to give and she knew it.

A book by Dan Kennedy shifted her mindset which altered the actions she was taking; she learned how to position herself as an authority and as an in-demand, high-powered professional. Those actions created different results, among them being honored with an award by Dan Kennedy. And that honor combined with her different mindset and different actions, produced more lucrative results from different clients.

Today her agency is thriving and she works far less hours then she used to! She’s learned how to get more out of every hour of every day, both personally and professionally.

Kim has truly been in the trenches and pulled herself out. She’s obsessed with helping others do the same today. Kim believes every person who is struggling doesn’t have to and she readily and generously shares her advice on how to do so in this episode.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s the #1 thing she had to do to change her results?
  • Why and how she changed her market.
  • How she positioned herself as an authority.
  • Why you need to develop original content and share it.
  • Professionals: what is their client interview process?
  • What’s the formula she uses to choose where to invest her time?
  • The importance of ROI in your business and your clients’.
  • What helped shift her mindset?

Practical & Actionable (at [26:15]):

Here are the two suggestions Kim has for the practical and actionable advice you can do right now to shift your business out of the trenches:

    1. Go through your contact list and make a list of who you think is the most successful. Then take them to lunch or dinner and ask what they would do if they were in your position.
    2. Read Dan Kennedy’s book, Direct Response Marketing for Non-Direct Response Marketers.


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