045 Adam Karwoski | Social Business is Conversations and Relationships to Build Trust

Adam KarwoskiEveryone’s journey to being an entrepreneur is a little bit different.  However, I love the stories of finding a passion and making it your business.  Adam Karwoski is one of those stories that follows a path to his own business.

Adam develops social business strategies for corporate executives in the B2B space and he shares some great ways to listen in to your ideal prospects using social media.  We even discuss a critical element to success in embracing social media: “What is your capacity for change?”

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Adam’s Target Audience: Adam’s target market is working with companies who sell other companies in the B2B space. He helps them build their social media space, all aspects from branding to increased revenue. He primarily works with employees at the C level (CEOs, CFOs, etc).

Adam didn’t start out as an entrepreneur, he is a self-professed “play it safer” who worked in corporate America for 15 years before he ventured out on his own.

As a result of a few significant life changes,  his viewpoint changed and he realized he wanted to live and work based on his passions. He was tired of going through the motions and wanted to be invigorated by the work he was doing. And so entrepreneurship became the journey for him.

Now his mission is to educate, encourage and inspire. He works with his clients to show them the value of social media and how to build their presence. He helps them understand the importance of being connected to their target markets online and having conversations with them through social media. The actions they take have a lot to do with their ability to be open to and to embrace change.

Adam KarwoskiAnd that’s one of the things Adam loves about being an entrepreneur: the constant change, the adventure of the unknown and the challenge inherent in everyday life.

Initially, Adam found himself very challenged by the intricacies of building a business: he knew nothing about the structure and doesn’t consider himself much of a “detail” person. Like the true entrepreneur he is, he worked through those growing pains, learned what needed to be done and did it.

Today he pushes himself on a daily basis by asking “What can I do today to improve by 1%?”. And by asking that question, he is constantly evolving and improving himself and his business.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Is social media the silver bullet to sales?
  • What’s the myth he likes to destroy with his clients?
  • What is proof of concept and how does he use it?
  • The secret to using Twitter effectively.
  • When he experienced his “light bulb” moment.
  • How to be intentional about building your brand online.
  • How to get access to new audiences.
  • Why having the courage to be you is so important.

Practical & Actionable (at [30:33]):

Adam receives a lot of feedback saying social media is overwhelming; people are always asking him where to start and what to do to get started. He suggests spending 15 minutes a day on one social network, Google a question you have and learn a little bit every day. Do this once a day, every day of the week and in six months you will have learned a great deal!

A second suggestion he has is to go to the advanced search page on Twitter, put anything in and try it out. You’ll be surprised at what you might find.


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