046 Scott Duffy | Your Path to Success is Littered in Failure

Scott DuffyWe talk about mindset quite a bit here on Leaders in the Trenches…the reason is because it is so important. Mindset is the basis from which we make decisions, take action and lead our companies.

Scott Duffy completely understands this, which is how he has been successful enough to take an idea to the point of selling it to Richard Branson. However, Scott had many failures along the way to success. Discover insights about “launching” your business directly from Scott Duffy.

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Scott’s Target Audience: Scott’s target market is entrepreneurs and business owners launching new products and bringing new services to market. 

Scott Duffy has been an entrepreneur since his college years; he began his own painting business when he was in his late teens. But a debilitating car accident just a few years later changed the course of his life forever. He suffered a severe brain injury and during his recovery, he discovered he wasn’t able to do anything except listen to audiobooks. Scott quickly developed a penchant for self-help and positive thinking tapes and devoured anything he could get his hands on.

That recovery process and his consequent self-help audiobook consumption shifted his mindset plus his natural entrepreneurial streak led him on a new path to serving others in the online start-up community.

Through natural hustle and the personal relationships he had developed, Scott found himself a key player in many of these start-ups. These small ventures eventually grew into several well-known internet companies like CBSSports.com, FoxSports.com, and SmartCharter.com. The latter was sold to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

But Scott’s path didn’t always smell like wine and roses – far from it! At one point, Scott sold everything he owned and lived out of his car just so he could be in the Bay Area where all the online and tech start-ups were happening. He was so committed to his own success that he took his last $200 and invested it in pizzas; it may sound wild but it landed him a critical business mentor!

In this episode, Scott tells the pizza story and many more lessons he’s gathered along his road to success. He is a wise man who generously gives you the knowledge he has learned in his career and how critical mindset has been and continues to be to his success. Truly, Scott is an example of what the right mindset can help anyone achieve.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The difference between having resources vs being resourceful.
  • What was his couch tour and how did it help him?
  • What’s the most important thing to being a successful entrepreneur?
  • The lessons he learned from car racing and how it applies to your dreams.
  • 80% of success in your launch comes from this – what is it?
  • Who is the CVO and why is he or she the most important person in your business?
  • Why there is no “sure thing”.
  • What’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make, according to Scott?

Practical & Actionable:

Scott’s practical and actionable advice for getting out of the trenches is to focus on one thing and get good at that one thing. After you do that, then move on to the next.

Scott also says to stop thinking everything needs to be perfect. Perfect is the enemy of success as an entrepreneur. Instead of focusing on being perfect, just get your products in people’s hands and then get great at listening and receiving feedback. You can then relaunch based on that info.

And always remember, “It’s not about you. It’s about the value you deliver to your customer and the feedback you can get from that person.”


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