057 Sharon Lechter | Every Business Owner Goes Through This Struggle

Sharon Lechter Everybody who has ever started a business has struggled with THIS one thing.  Even today’s guest, Sharon Lechter who has started multiple businesses as well as authored over 20 books ranging from children’s books to financial literacy (including being one of the co-authors of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, with Robert Kiyosaki), struggles with this one thing.

Listen in to hear Sharon talk about assets for business owners, but also that major period of struggle that every business must address.  Make sure you listen to the end of the interview for more about how to address the struggle with Sharon’s practical and actionable tip of the episode.

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Sharon’s Target Audience: Sharon’s target market is three groups: she helps young people get the tools they need to face the real world. The second group is entrepreneurs who are starting a business and also entrepreneurs who want to get to next level in their business. The third group is women, she helps them create the financial future they deserve.  

Sharon has been an entrepreneur since the age of 26 and she’s been a CPA for over 40 years. She was crucial to the creation and expansion of the talking book industry, helping it become the global market presence it is today. And if that wasn’t enough, Sharon has authored several books, including being commissioned by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to write Think And Grow Rich For Women.

Throughout all of those experiences, she’s learned a tremendous amount about finances, financial literacy and education. But what made her shift gears and focus exclusively on financial literacy and financial education  was when her son found himself in deep credit card debt.

TWEET THIS: "Assets can feed you, liabilities eat you." Sharon Lechter

Like any mother would, Sharon sought to help him dig himself out of his financial hole. And like any good entrepreneur, she also realized her son wasn’t the only one struggling with debt and she understood the inherent need in this area of our lives. And so began her work in that niche: financial literacy and education.

Her niching down has paid off: she’s served under two United States presidents, been a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and was the co-author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series with Robert Kiyoaski. She worked with Robert from 1997-2007 and then began a company with her husband called Pay Your Family First, one of her many assets she holds today.

TWEET THIS: "We are all the CEOs of our lives and our business is to build our asset column. Sharon Lechter

But in those ten years with Robert, the first three were some of the most difficult. The first book in the series, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, didn’t fly off the shelves immediately. In fact, it took three years before it became a best-seller.

However it was clearly worth the wait! Since becoming an international best-seller and spawned an entire series, the Rich Dad Poor Dad has since been licensed in over 51 languages and it propelled Sharon to a whole new level in terms of knowledge, experiences and her business.

TWEET THIS: "Assets are the foundation for creating generational wealth." Sharon Lechter

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s the future of business according to Sharon?
  • Why is it important to look for strategic partners?
  • Was Rich Dad, Poor Dad self-published or how was it published?
  • Sharon advises on how to get past the Shiny Object Syndrome.
  • How Sharon balances out what she calls her “shotgun focus”.
  • Why you need a “stop doing” list as an entrepreneur.
  • Why it’s important to NOT be the sole driver of your company.
  • The two areas you should focus on, according to Sharon.
TWEET THIS: "It took us three years to become an overnight success." Sharon Lechter

Practical & Actionable: ([17:00])

Sharon’s practical and actionable advice is to follow Brian Tracy. She says each day write down the top 6 things you need to do in your business. Then do the most difficult task first. After you’ve completed the most difficult task, Sharon says to grab hold of that accomplishment, and it will give you the motivation to do the other five.


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