058 Ben Krueger | How To Become An Authority In Any Industry

Ben KruegerYou probably have heard the words in this title before and maybe you have even said the words before “I know what to do, but I am just NOT doing it”. Don’t take my word for it, my guest today is Ben Krueger and I’m going to let him tell you why this is happening.

Ben started a business called Authority Engine to help small businesses leverage the power of podcasting. And Ben shares his own personal journey to understand what has held him back and now what is pushing him forward. Listen for the moment when Ben shares his excitement for the work he does and how that has made all the difference. Also the practical and actionable tip today is awesome so check it out here!

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Ben’s Target Audience: Ben’s target market is small business owners who want to use podcasts as a marketing tool to further their businesses.  

Ben’s interest in audio and visual started when he was in high school. When a friend of his approached him complaining about the difficulties in pre- and post-production of podcasts.

Ben offered his audio expertise to his friend, which led to Ben’s discovery of his own talent and potential in podcast production. He saw a need for this particular work, there weren’t a lot of people doing it and there were plenty of podcasts!

In this episode, Ben discusses the horizontal niche. The vertical niche is centered around an industry, while the horizontal niche is spread across many industries. This is where podcasts come in. Podcasting is a powerful vehicle to use as a marketing strategy and to promote across many industries (aka the horizontal niche).

And people are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon. Ben calls this the “me too” syndrome and it’s a phenomenon that happens whenever something becomes the hot new thing. According to Ben the “me too guy” is never as great as those who are actually blazing the trail. However it’s okay to be in this category when you’re getting started, as a lot of people are. Folks see other people starting their businesses and immediately jump in and say “me too”.

But what if you really are interested in the podcasting medium? He says be sure you’re a contribution and you’re doing something to help your industry, then podcasting is a powerful medium.

You’ll make that key pivot when you create a vision; then you’ll go from being a “me too” guy to being someone who makes things happen. This is where podcast marketing can play a significant role. 

If you go the podcasting route and are committed to doing it right, you need to connect with the audience and let your personality shine through. To succeed, don’t hide behind an online presence or brand that isn’t you. You have to be true to who you are and know your strengths – that is how you will be successful in podcasting and in anything else in life. 

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to build yourself as a leader and an authority in an industry.
  • How podcasting can be a powerful vehicle for marketing strategy.
  • What is a “me too guy” and when is it ok to be one?
  • Why you need a business coach.
  • The importance of being true to who you are.
  • What to do when your business starts to pick up.

Practical & Actionable:

Ben says the most practical and actionable thing you can do (aside from seeking out a business coach who has been where you are) is to set aside 30 to 40 minutes and think about where you want to be two years down the road.

Ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to spend my average day?

  2. Who do I want to be spending it with?

  3. Finally, work backwards and connect the dots to see how to get there.

Ben believes it’s important to be true to who you are and what your strengths are. Be honest with yourself and do not listen to the BS and the lies that we tend to tell ourselves. Connect with someone who will help you knock down those barriers blocking your success.


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