062 David Saltzman | Building Your Business in a Narrow Market

David Saltzman

Some people dream of having a big audience or a huge tribe. While others know that journey starts with impacting a few. David Saltzman shares with you about his success of creating a podcast for a small audience (less than 6,000 downloads per month) after only 3 months. He got sponsorship on day 1 and continues to have sponsors that are extremely pleased with their support of the podcast and David. Discover what this can mean for your business.

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David’s Target Audience: David’s target market is individuals and corporate clients grappling with changes whether in the insurance industry or elsewhere.  

David has been serving the insurance industry for 35 years when The Affordable Care Act came along and changed the entire industry. He says that this program created chaos within the insurance field.

Seeing the opportunity, David opted to focus on helping individuals and corporate agents make the shift into today’s healthcare market. It’s challenging for insurance agents because today they are now more like benefit advisors, they have to work with individuals who are purchasing insurance for themselves.

It isn’t a lot easier on the individual side, according to David. He says at least 85% of the population feel overwhelmed and paralyzed when trying to navigate the new healthcare system.  

TWEET THIS: "There is opportunity in chaos." David Saltzman

One thing both of these groups – and many other folks – have in common is coping with change. To offer support and guidance through these changes or any others, David started his podcast called Shift Shapers. The podcast’s purpose is to help its listeners feel more confident in their choices.

TWEET THIS: "Start with something you know, love and are passionate about.” David Saltzman 

On this episode of Leaders In The Trenches, David discusses finding his niche within a narrow vertical market and the success it will bring. He says, “It’s all about bringing what you learned in your earlier endeavors into what you are doing now”.  It’s also about starting with something you love and are passionate about coupled with a strong desire to serve your particular industry. David encourages people to go to your natural market and leverage the folks you already know. 

Another important key to success is telling your story. David says every entrepreneur has a tale to tell so go out and tell it! Once you understand who serve then network, tell your story and build name recognition. These are the building blocks to success.

TWEET THIS: "Focus on an area where you have a natural market." David Saltzman

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to bring your knowledge to the table and how that creates success.
  • The power of narrowing down your market.
  • The three things to focus on when narrowing down your niche.
  • Why stepping back can help you move forward.
  • The importance of taking time for yourself.
  • How being in a narrow vertical gives you a niche market to build on.
TWEET THIS: "Remember to feed your soul as well." David Saltzman

Practical & Actionable:

David says the most practical and actionable thing you can do is to take a step back and access what and who you know in the marketplace you want to be in.

Then network and leverage these relationships and combine it with the knowledge that you already have. David says to always keep a servant mindset and ask yourself how to solve peoples problems.


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