151 | Being Imperfect: A Non-Obvious Path to Success with Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava

Have you heard of the power of vulnerability?  Being vulnerable is often considered to a sign of weakness.  Today’s guest is Rohit Bhargava, who is a best selling author and an expert on the non-obvious path to success. We talk about perfection and imperfection.  Do you have the courage to show your imperfections? Listen to the show to find out how to use that courage.

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Rohit’s Target Audience: Rohit is the founder of the Influential Marketing Group. IMG is a consultancy founded to help brands and marketing leaders improve their digital strategy, realize the potential of social media, and create more human organizations.

The Path to Success

Rohit (aka “reformed agency guy”) is also the author of Non-Obvious where the mission is to help people be more human and empower them to create their own marketing tactics. More importantly, it is about genuinely connecting with people. His pal Matthew Goldfarb (also a previous guest on the show) also talks about this. You can listen to his interview here. People out there are seeking to follow people who are more real and human. They are seeking imperfection and people confident enough to put their selfies out there. In short, people who are unafraid to be who they are!

So why did the book Non Obvious have to be written? Rohit was behind the scenes writing a trend report for last 5 years. His purpose was to take people behind the scenes and show how they can create their own trends. The book provides a representation of how to give people an think this way to use habit and processes themselves.

The main trend here is the concept of “Unperfection.” It is for companies and entrepreneurs who are want to share a more human story, be more vulnerable and are no longer want to concern themselves with perfectionism.

Rohit recognizes the courage it takes to be an entrepreneur. He claims there is no shame in being an “intrapreneur” – which is working full time (or having a “bridge job”) while being an entrepreneur. Being that “intrapreneur” can very well be what allows you to get started and there nothing wrong with that.

Like most of us, Rohit has spent and still finds himself in the trenches. He recently realized that he was overestimating my own ability, for example. Rohit admits that he had a certain vision about what his WordPress site was going to look like but was having difficulty completing it on his own. He then realized he could have simply paid someone. To Rohit, that’s what being in the trenches is sometimes – doing things in an “idiotic” way. It’s sometimes best to just step back and get help or a team. Otherwise, you send yourself deeper into the trenches.

Rising out of the trenches takes knowing what leads to the most business. So for Rohit, it’s being on the stage which means consciously spending less time on other things that don’t pay off towards the business. This is about knowing where your time is the most productive.

In this episode, we’ll cover

  • Why being perfect is old news
  • Why your target audience really wants your humanness
  • Why you shouldn’t feel like you’ve got to emulate the competition
  • How to create your own empowering marketing strategy
  • Why you should outsource and why it’s “idiotic” not to
  • Knowing where your time spent is most productive

Practical and Actionable

Make sure you aren’t emulating what the competition is doing. It is better to be yourself. When you think about marketing and the way to present yourself, most people aim to write in “marketing” language. Rohit says everything that we write should be written to be read out loud. If it doesn’t sound like something a human would say- don’t use it!

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