178 | Connecting People in A Powerful Way with Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson

Relationships are the lifeblood of life and business. What are you doing to “up- level” your relationships? Kevin Thompson shares new insights on building relationships with A-List types in business. Kevin is a master at joint venture relationships and if you don’t know what JVs are, you must listen to this episode.

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Target Audience: Kevin serves the entrepreneur who has hit their “ceiling” and is wanting to get passed it to grow more and achieve more satisfaction. His service is for those who market their business but have not been collaborating with others who can help them grow in a powerful way.

So, who is ready for Kevin?

Kevin knows exactly who he is meant to take on as either a partner or client. In other words, he is very clear on his ideal AVATAR. Kevin will only work with those who

  • are successfully selling their service or product
  • they create a minimum of $250- 300,000 worth of revenue
  • they already understand the way you increase revenue is by simply serving more people.

Do you see how specific he is regarding who he works with? How can you narrow down your Avatar (whether they be a partner or client)?

Kevin admits he was someone who held the belief that he had to wear all the hats. Then he discovered the power of delegating and creating powerful partnerships with people who were aligned with his values.

Was there a time when you were in the trenches and you had to take a step back?

Kevin shares he realized he was going for quantity not quality in partnering up with people (whether clients or JV partnerships). In 2010, he found himself completing his 1099 taxes with his accountant. Together they saw that Kevin engaged in 34 collaborative projects. Only 8 of those projects converted. Kevin understood that he could have done a fraction of the projects. This helped him evaluate who his ideal partners were.

On serving “ANYBODY…”

Kevin poses the question: what is it about your ideal clients that makes what you do so great? An ideal client is someone with whom you already have an aligned foundation and you have both have subscribed to the same values. Kevin says: Be clear on who you want to serve. Be clear on who you want to be a hero to. Be clear about who you want to be a rockstar to.

Kevin ThompsonIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to surpass your “ceiling” (AKA: cap)
  • Why you can’t serve anyone and everyone
  • Why Kevin realized he couldn’t wear all hats
  • Why it’s about Quality Partnerships (not quantity)
  • The RIGHT way to reach out to prospects

Practical and Actionable:

A big mistake people make when reaching out to prospects is they reach out for handouts. This is WRONG. Reach out by showing appreciation. Active appreciation is about reaching out to them to let them know what you appreciate about them rather than ask something from them. What can you give?

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