191 | Year End Recap with Gene Hammett

Gene Hammett

As you review your 2015, how do you measure your success? Tune in as I get real about my triumphs and lessons. In this episode, I reveal what I had to let go of to create the impact I intend to make.  Reflecting on our own internal growth and shifts means everything when we are nurturing a business we believe in. Happy 2016!

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Target Audience: I choose to work with Thriving leaders who are aware that this is a never-ending process. These individuals are smart and driven CEOs that are eager to play the game of leadership at the highest levels possible. My clients don’t need coaches, however they want a coach that drives them to achieve their most extraordinary goals.

In this episode I review the following. Take a moment to take some inventory around these topics for your own business. In 2015, how was your:

  • Revenue?
  • Profits?
  • Impact?
  • Relationships in business?
  • Relationships in personal life?

While this episode is focused on me, it is also a review of what you can learn. I will share with you 3 killer questions that can shift you into a fantastic year…

My Wins

1) My revenue increased about 50%, While I didn’t reach my stretch goal, I did grow.

2) My Client success is through the roof!

Ron= 408% growth in last 12 months; one speaking gig for 250K
Jason= Revenue up over 200%. Completed 2 Speaking events where he made 50k.
Brian Merger with Ron= Together, we revamped his team’s structure. Adding sales meetings resulted in an immediate burst of sales!
Wayne was in a small program I launched this year called Authority Camp. He acquired 6 gigs.
Derek found his position in the market as a brander/creative director to speakers (getting 7 referrals in the last 2 weeks alone)

I also received 8 referrals in last 6 weeks and to me, this is a great sign of impact!

What I am bringing into my awareness when it comes to my work with clients…

I am working on attachment issues around my clients’ successes. Some people step into what their goals and others don’t. I realize this is not something I have control over.

3) Writing for Entrepreneur Magazine. This catalyzed thousands of shares and is now the #1 source for traffic to my website

4) By adding to my team I created improved systems, held weekly meetings and was able to finish projects more efficiently. A team of 5 highly efficient people have helped to take the pressure off of me.

5) I Invested in myself. I hired 2 coaches this year (private and a group program) and invested 25k just this year. Why so much? I needed it. I had reached a ceiling and wanted to continue my growth. I could have done it on my own. However the investment is what helped me grow the most.

6) Speaking – I spoke 8 times this year. Working on more for next year

Internal growth and shifts: What I learned…

  • Too many projects! & Spreading myself thin
  • Not providing myself enough time for follow ups
  • Not having strong email and campaigns

What’s in store for me in 2016…

#1 Speaking – a paid speaker; booked gigs for Spring 2016 already

#2 Pivoting – the change in strategy

  • audience
  • solution/problem
  • offers
  • free calls to Deposit required calls

#3 New Branding

Website= The original website – Genehammett.com focused on speaking, workshops, the podcast and leadership. My new website will simply be my name and reflect new guests and a deeper focus on leadership.

#4 Writing for Large Publications

  • Becoming a weekly contributor
  • Creating multiple publications

So as we move into a new year, I ask you…

  • What is the #1 strategy for growth? What’s one thing that if you master it, will make your business take off? For me it is speaking. What is it for you?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • What do you seriously need to start saying NO to?
  • What clients will you say NO to?
  • What projects will you delay until Q2?
  • Who do you need to BE to have the success you want?

Gene HammettIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • My wins of 2015
  • What was spreading me too thin in 2015
  • 3 questions that will shift you!
  • 3 POWER questions that can change your year and your life
  • My goals for 2016

Practical and Actionable

And here are 3 POWER questions that if you have the answer to will shift you.

1) What is your #1 growth strategy? What’s that one thing? To help you out, I encourage you to find 3 words that embody:

2) What do you need to let go of?

3) Find yourself a coach!! Sure, I am certain you could do all of this on your own, but as I mentioned earlier, a coach has certainly helped me to p
Invitation…The Results Road Map litt/call
**these will soon be paid conversations until the end of January
who you need to be to get the success you want

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