216 | Business is NOT a Solo Sport – The Art of Relationships with Selena Soo

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Selena Soo

Imagine having a power Rolodex full of influencers and market makers. For younger readers, a Rolodex is what we used to keep our contact information in the old days. Today, you probably keep your power Rolodex on your smartphone. Our guest today is Selena Soo with S2 Groupe. Selena is a master at the art of relationships.  I pulled out some great stories for you to learn how to connect with influencers and the power of going above and beyond.

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Target Audience: Selena is a Business and Publicity Strategist who works with visionary entrepreneurs: coaches, consultants, online providers, and/or product creators. Specifically with those who want to reach more people and are in the transformational or “live your best life” arenas. Also includes entrepreneurs in the money, career, health and wellness, spirituality arenas.

Why Relationships are the Most Important Aspect of Business. We can’t do it alone. Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport but about the relationships we create. We all need mentors, clients and friends who are going to support us and push us to that next level.

Additionally, there are times where we there are incredible opportunities arise that we must take advantage of. Be sure you introduce yourself to new people who are in alignment with your goals and take care to nurture already established relationships. Take action to reach out and connect.

Selena’s biggest passion has been promoting people and helping them get their work out. It is something she would do even if she wasn’t getting paid. Building relationships and adding value to them has been a major aspect to her success. She doesn’t use social media if it doesn’t serve a  win-win situation. Naturally sharing things is what it is all about. She has a program called impacting millions (here is a video interview you can check out here). 

Selena’s List of Do’s

  • Guest posts: are powerful because they add credibility
  • Be a guest on Podcasts: allows people to interact with you in new ways.
  • Start before you’re ready- part of getting media is just getting started.  

Give the interviews and guest posts you do your all. One guest posts can be more valuable than 20 blog posts if it gets in front of the right audience.

What are the TRAPS & Don’t Do’s?

  • Quality over quantity
  • Target fewer media outlets than more. Be sure it’s the right fit for you. Better to do fewer things you know will serve your target and have the super high impact

Practical and Actionable:

  1. Create an “Influencer List.” Make a list of 10 people you want to deepen your relationship with or connect with for the first time. Should be people who inspire you. Also should be connected to the work you do.
  2. Pick 1 or 2 people who you will reach out to. Aim to express your appreciation. Or intend to go above and beyond for them. Add value in a way that’s exciting for you.

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