220 | Making the Pitch, Telling Your Story with John Livesay

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Stories have become a key part of marketing and frankly, of business growth. We remember stories. We get emotionally connected through stories. Today’s guest is John Livesay who helps entrepreneurs tell their stories. Most if his experience is through raising money for start-ups, but don’t discount the core elements of storytelling even if you aren’t raising money.

Target Audience: John targets Tech CEOs because they are left brained. These types tend to have trouble selling because imagination, storytelling & thus marketing and selling happen on the right side of the brain. John helps them make their marketing system compelling and inspiring so that people can join your team.

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What Will People Remember About You? 

People remember your stories not your numbers. According to John, good stories have these parts:

  • EXPOSITION- to paint a picture
  • PROBLEM- what you learned
  • TYPE OF OUTCOME- inspirational part

Practice Practice Practice…

When you’re telling your story, you simply can’t wing it. You must practice because that will give you CONFIDENCE which ultimately sells your story. Be a co-pilot with the person you are speaking with. Outline the milestones of where you are taking people on your story. Make sure you have something you’ve overcome in your story. Remember that the human mind CRAVES suspense. Plus, it shows you have tenacity and grit.

ALSO – don’t try to be perfect- nobody can relate to that. Be a progressionist. How did this story help you progress?

How Long Should My Story Be?

Your opening story= 90 seconds. Grab their focus so they are willing to hear the rest. Have a good closing. Otherwise, people won’t remember it.


Don’t end with question! Why? Because the confused mind always says no. BE relatable. Don’t express terms people may not understand. Don’t say “there’s no competition.”

Mindset Elements to a Story:

How you think is what impresses investors. It is a powerful way to look at business even if you are not ‘selling.’ This is about Confidence (not arrogance); A story that is inspirational; & a Closing – where you land the plane. Create a SPECIFIC asking. Be EXACT- especially be exact with WHO you are asking. BE YOURSELF TO BE AN AUTHENTIC STORY TELLER.

Practical and Actionable:

Work on your CONFIDENCE- 1) get your butterflies in stomach to fly in formation. Dont ignore the nerves. Use the nervous energy to work for you rather than keeping it in. Don’t worry about what people think about you. Shift your focus on how you can serve. Write about 4 or 5 moments of certainty in your life. How did you feel? Look at that list anytime you need to shift yourself.

2) Stand for 2 minutes like superman or superwoman to decrease cortisol and increase testosterone. Focus on this before you pitch.  John Livesay


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