280 | Keys to Your Exit Strategy with Steve Little

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Steve Little

It is not too early to think about your exit strategy. In today’s episode we look at some of the key factors of “The Exit.” My guest is Steve Little. He will share insights from decades of experience in selling his businesses. Plus, he has been working with others on their exits too.  Listen in for some key insights to making your exit as strong as possible.

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Target Audience: Steve helps enterprise businesses understand value and how to build it. He helps them to understand what is driving the value of their businesses so that they can know where to invest, grow and position themselves for a much higher return when they get to that place of “EXIT.”

The Trap of Success- as Told by Steve Little

Like so many of us, Steve came to a point in his work where he didn’t like what he was doing anymore. He looked successful and everyone admired him. But he was terribly unhappy. What caused him to let go of that comfort of success? And what did he create after that?

Steve literally got to a point where he physically couldn’t get himself into the car and to work. One day, he went back into the house, did some meditation and mind clearing. He then picked up the phone, called the board and quit. It took a moment to quit, but it happened after 3-5 years of day to day misery.

Many of us may have all these beliefs and assumptions that we think are truths. But they are not. The consequence here is this mindset creates fears and keeps us from living a life we want to live. Ultimately you’ve got to make the choice about whose life we will live: your own or someone else’s.


Steve decided to create a program to help people connect with the things they were most passionate about. He helps them develop habits and techniques that would allow them to let go of limiting beliefs. This helps them actually see the possibilities that exist for them.  

What helped Steve to focus whas focusing on a cause- a mission bigger than him. He’s motivated to help the entrepreneur orient to a cause because that allows them cruise through that transaction like hot butter.

The EXIT Strategy

Having an exit strategy is not about the exit – it is about the strategy! The buyer will buy for their own reasons (not for your reasons). It’s understanding what drives the value

The only way you can know what drives the value of your business is if you have a strategy that reveals to you the prospective buyer’s perspective. THAT’S why you need an EXIT strategy.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Steve dealt with the trap of success
  • Transforming beliefs that hold us back
  • What an EXIT strategy means
  • Why focusing on a mission bigger than you = MOTIVATION
  • Living the life YOU want

Practical and Actionable:

  • List what you don’t want. Review and analyze and look for patterns connected to limiting beliefs.
  • Steve has developed techniques to help clear them. It eliminates the barriers and constraints.
  • The technique includes replacing the limiting beliefs with constructive thoughts and intentions about what they want to do in the world.
  • Thread it all together with service. Now there’s a whole new level of motivation because it is connected with value.

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