307 | Values are the Heart of Leadership with Bryan Falchuk

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Bryan Falchuk

Values are the heart of leadership. If you are not clear about your values, how can you expect others around you to be clear? Bryan Falchuck shares how leadership and values relate. Listen in for more details on how clarifying values transforms the way you show up as a Leader. 

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Target Audience: Bryan is focused on helping people turn their lives around through life and business coaching. He takes a holistic approach to coaching by considering other aspects of life (such as health, relationships, etc) because they often intertwine.


Bryan has seen that as businesses get bigger and bigger, values have a tendency to become watered down. Logistics, structure and weight can do that to values. Also, new people joining a company inevitably morphs the structure too. Sometimes, the burden of keeping the values becomes too big and it so they get lost causing the company to die as a result.

Owning Your Values

What is it that makes you tick as a business and as an individual? if you can tap into that and maintain it through all adversities, you will keep thriving. As a leader, it’s why people want to follow you.

The first step Bryan helps people with is identifying what matters to them. If this is what you’re doing, why are you doing it? It’s about pushing people to explain what matters to them above all else. Why do you exist in the first place? He finds people often have a tricky time explaining it at first. Ultimately, this helps them get in touch with what’s truly most important.

When Crisis Hits

Being in tune with your core values finds its importance when a crisis comes up. A company can stay true to their values if they’ve identified their core values. Other companies will simply react to the crisis.

Disciplines of Hypergrowth:

One of the disciplines is shared goals. It is when the goals align between leader and team members. There is just more ownership and motivation coming from all parties. Bryan says, there is likely to be more follow through and energy to push through the challenges. People feel the motivation to do so because they are fully aware that what they’re doing is so crucial. They understand the WHY.

Value Discovery: “The 5 WHYS”

Bryan uses “The 5 Whys” to get deep. It helps people get more in tune to what really matters to them. He does not allow the surface level answer. It comes with experience to know when to go deeper and when to pull back. When he hits on something that’s really big he and the client will use that to frame what happens from there.

You Can’t Do It All

When it comes to hypergrowth, there are a million different avenues you can take, but you can’t take them all. So how do you focus on the avenues that count and how can you do it with intention? When you are connected to your values on a deep level, and you know what matters, you can re- prioritize.

A leader must be connected to the team. If they are not, what happens then? Bryan says, you may need more intense help. So perhaps what you are doing does not align with your values. Bryan sees that more with founders than anybody else. Sometimes it brings about the conversation about why it is not fitting.

Practical and Actionable

Do the exercise: Above all else what really matters? Ask yourself why and keep pushing through it. If you are struggling with it, take it to the next level. It’s an introspective journey you must take. Explore. It’s ok to get it wrong so don’t be afraid to give an answer.

Put it into ACTION. Pause and reflect on a regular basis. Are the actions in sync? Block out time in your calendar to do it.

In this episode we’ll cover

  • Why Values are the foundation of any business
  • How Values center a business when crisis hits
  • How to identify what really matters to you as a leader
  • Why you can’t do it all & how to choose what’s important
  • An exercise you can do to check in on your values



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