008 Megha Rodriguez | Learn How to Be IN the Conversation with Your Ideal Client

Megha RodriguezMegha has finally found her profitable niche for her business, but it was not always the case.  Being the jack of all trades (taking any client that came along) stressed her out so she decide to find your target audience.  They key is being INSIDE the conversation with her ideal client so her marketing is more effective and delivery of her services is more complete.  Megha shares the fears she faced along the way and the successes too.

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Megha’s Target Audience: Women entrepreneurs who are mothers and want flexibility and freedom; they don’t want to be enslaved to their businesses. She helps them use automation and technology to free themselves from their business while still earning six figures.

Early on in Megha’s career, she considered herself a “jack of all trades”. She would do whatever someone asked her to do, whether she really wanted to or not. As a result, she often found herself while working long hours on projects she didn’t enjoy. And she wasn’t making as much money as she would’ve liked, all of which caused her a great deal of frustration.

Like the leader she is, she decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns and make some changes. First and foremost, she opted to narrow down her target audience. No longer would she work with anyone who asked her to and do whatever they wanted; she was going to specialize. And so she did.

That’s not to say she wasn’t afraid; she was absolutely afraid of not having enough clients, enough revenue and not enough ideas for her clients. Regardless of those fears, she kept her focus on one particular audience.  She has learned how to speak with them and how to hear what they need, which has resulted in double the revenue stream, more creativity and more time freedom for her – AND her clients!

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why you don’t need to be afraid of the things that set you apart.
  • One of my personal biggest fears.
  • How to emotionally connect with your target audience.
  • The one question to stop and ask your market.
  • Why being a specialist is NOT limiting, in fact it’s freeing.
  • How you can still serve the masses, even if you’ve niched down to your target market.
  • The importance of systems and processes in her success – and the success of her client’s.
  • Why you should define yourself, set yourself apart and how you will attract your ideal clients when you do so.
  • Do you want a general practitioner to do your brain surgery, or do you want a brain surgeon? That’s the ultimate in target market.

Practical & Actionable (at [26:31]):

Megha shared one tip for you to help you “be in the conversation” with your target audience.

The #1 thing is to draw a persona of your perfect person.  Write it out in story form (paragraph by paragraph) to focus on one person.  Tell the story of the person you have enjoyed working with the most.  Find someone who embodies that single person.

Plus Gene shares one little tip to improve your comfort in front of the camera that is related to this tip offered by Megha.


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