039 Matt Theriault | Failure Can Be A Catalyst to Success

Matt TheriaultYou will be able to relate Matt’s journey if you have ever had hard times. I know I have. Matt lost it all many years ago by not seeing the SHIFT in the music business. Even though he tells the story of bagging groceries for a friend…he did not let that keep him down. Matt leaped into real estate and through a few pivots there, he has built a strong business with multiple streams of income. You are not defined by what happens to you, but by what you do in response to life’s tough times.

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Matt’s Target Audience: Matt’s target audience is anyone who wants to be coached on how to pick themselves up after a let-down and have a “Do Over” in their life. He specifically coaches people on how to do this through real estate investing.

Matt Theriault is a former music entrepreneur turned real estate mogul, coach, and leader. Early in his career, Matt knew one thing and he knew it well: how to promote, market and sell records. He had contracted with one of the record label giants and had a system in place.

Matt Theriaut And then the Digital Age blossomed, Matt didn’t see the trend and his company crumbled. At the age of 34, he had to rebuild himself and his life. He started by bagging groceries, a far cry from his earlier affluence.

When someone suggested real estate, he signed up for a real estate agent class, got his license and thought he was on his way. But about four years, he realized he had success but not the level of wealth he saw some of his clients having. It dawned on him that he was on the wrong side of the table, so he switched and became an investor.

And that switch opened up a whole new of life for him. He sought out a community that he wanted to be like, he found mentors and learned from them. And as he grew himself, he also grew his wealth. Within a few short years, he had multiple streams of income from his real estate investments, from an online business he created to teach others how to invest and from coaching.

He had finally realized his dream of becoming financially free.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why Matt now has multiple streams of income, how he chose them and why it matters to you.
  • How his online business got started and how you can apply the same lesson in your business.
  • How community and mentorship have changed the course of Matt’s life.
  • How connections create shortcuts: an example that applies to your business.
  • Modeling: what is it, how does it work for Matt and how can it work for you?
  • The new business model today: what is it and how has it impacted his business?

Practical & Actionable (at 29:07):

There are two practical and actionable tips Matt gives to anyone in business today: shift your attention to passive income. Pivot from making piles of money to generating streams of money, there’s a key distinction there.

And second, Matt believes in being very intentional with who you spend your time. You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so be intentional in creating your environment. He says, “…doing so is more impactful on your results than any other action tip I could give you.”


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