086 Joan Sotkin | What To Do To Charge More For Your Services

Joan SotkinDo you know what keeps you from charging more for your services (and products)? In this episode, Joan Sotkin shares her discoveries that require your attention if you want to raise your pricing options.  We talk about how emotions relate to money and even talk about the fear that it evokes.  Join us for this episode, especially if you want to make more money.

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Joan’s Target Audience: Joan’s target market is entrepreneurs and practitioners who want to be or have been on a personal growth path very consciously for a period of time but know there is still something missing and they want to find out what it is.

In the world of podcasts, Joan was a pioneer! She started hers in 1995, almost 20 years ago! Her podcast was part of her quest to better her financial, emotional and physical state. Having two millionaire brothers in the family, she wanted to understand why some people are successful while others are not. She knew she could find a better way.

Her mission led Joan to various programs that helped her discover the connection between money, emotions and our personal creative force. She found that we have beliefs and thoughts which form our emotions and then those emotions impact our behaviors. This chain reaction of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors create our lives.

Joan talks about emotions, their impact on our professional lives and why people try to suppress their emotions as a result of society, culture and their upbringing. Emotion imprints form in the first part of our lives as we pick up what is around us. But even later in life we suppress certain emotions like anger and dissatisfaction because of our cultural and religious teachings.

Instead of suppressing them, we can work to understand what we are feeling and where those feelings are coming from. Doing so allows us to release them and then replace them with productive emotions.

A related topic we discuss is how our emotions are connected to what we charge for our services in business. She says we are often afraid to raise our fees. From her own personal experiences, Joan talks about the fear of abandonment she felt when she wanted to raise her coaching fees. To charge more, she had to see her own value in a totally different way.

In this episode, we talk in detail about pricing and coaching with some examples that Joan was kind enough to share with us.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Emotions: How they impact business.
  • Why we charge the prices we charge.
  • How our emotions play out through our relationship with money.
  • Joan’s time in the trenches: How she got out to build a business.
  • The reasons why people haven’t learned to express emotions.
  • How to teach yourself a different set of emotions for being productive.
  • How to release dissatisfaction and anger…and why it’s so important.
  • Therapy vs. Coaching: How are they different?
  • How does our past relate to moving on to the future?
  • Your truth, someone else’s truth and the absolute truth: we discuss.

Practical & Actionable:

Joan says the most practical and actionable thing you can do right now is to sit quietly for ten minutes a day with your eyes closed and nothing happening in the room. Just watch and experience what is going on inside of you.

Do that for 10 to 20 minutes every day, and you are going to hear the real you and what wants to come out forward.


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